What is the precondition for ensuring the good work of the wing gate?

Wing gate is intelligent channel management equipment developed and produced by Baowei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. after years of design. By integrating various reading and writing equipments, mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies are organically integrated, and reliable performance safety protection devices, real-time alarm systems and direction indication interfaces are adopted, and coordinated implementation is achieved. Intelligent control and management of the channel.

Under normal circumstances, how do we ensure that the wing gate is in a good working condition depends, to a large extent, on the induction coil it is connected to. Several important parameters of the coil include: coil material, coil shape, and whether the construction is properly buried. Therefore, the following must be noted during installation:

1. The coil shape and number of turns should be rectangular unless the conditions do not allow it. The two long sides are perpendicular to the direction of motion of the vehicle and are recommended to be 1 meter apart. The length of the long side depends on the width of the road and is usually 0.5 meters narrower than the width of the road. The number of turns of the coil is 4 or 6 turns, and if two coils are adjacent, then 4 turns and 6 turns.

2. Coil crosstalk, when the two induction coils are in close proximity, the magnetic fields of the two coils are superimposed on each other, causing mutual interference. This phenomenon is crosstalk. Crosstalk can cause erroneous detection results and loop detector deadlock. In the adjacent but different induction coils, to eliminate crosstalk, you can take the following measures:

A. Different number of turns of the same size to change the operating frequency of the coil. It is generally recommended that one lap is 4 and the other is 6 laps.

B. Increase the spacing between adjacent coils. It must be ensured that the spacing between the detection coils is greater than 3 meters.

C. Good shielding of the lead wire from the coil must be grounded at the detector end. Coil cables and connectors are preferably made of stranded copper wire. It is best not to have a connection between the cable and the connector. If it is necessary to have terminals, make sure the connections are reliable, solder them with a soldering iron, and place them in a waterproof place. The conductor cross-sectional area is not less than 0.5 square millimeters.

3. Coil mounting method The coil must first be cut out of the road using a road cutter. Perform 45-degree chamfering on the four corners to prevent sharp corners from damaging the coil cable. Groove width is generally 4 mm in width and 30 to 50 mm in depth. At the same time, a slot for the coil leads is cut to the roadside slot. When laying the cable, leave enough length to connect to the loop sensor and ensure there is no joint in the middle. After winding the coil cable, lead the cable through the lead-out slot. The output leads are tightly twisted, with at least 1 meter stranded 20 times. The maximum length of the lead should not exceed 10 meters. Since the sensitivity of the detection coil decreases as the length of the lead increases, the length of the lead cable must be as short as possible.

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