Different classification of aluminum profiles

[China Aluminum Industry Network] Aluminum profiles are diverse and can be classified according to different ways.

First, according to purpose can be divided into the following categories:

1. Industrial aluminum profile: It is mainly used for the automation machinery equipment, the skeleton of the enclosure and various companies to customize the open mode according to their own mechanical equipment requirements!

2. CPU radiator special radiator aluminum profile 3. Doors and windows for the construction of doors and windows aluminum.

4. Aluminum alloy shelf aluminum profiles, their difference lies in the different cross-sectional shapes. However, they are produced by hot melt extrusion.

Second, according to the surface treatment requirements classification:

1. Anodized aluminum material 2. Electrophoretic coating of aluminum 3. Powder sprayed aluminum 4. Wood grain transfer aluminum 5. Planed aluminum 3. Classification by alloy: 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061 , 6082, 7075 and other award winning aluminum profiles, of which 6 series are more common. The difference between different grades is that the proportions of various metal components are not the same. In addition to commonly used aluminum profiles such as doors and windows, such as 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series, curtain wall series and other architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles are not clear The model number is different, most of the production plants are processed according to the customer's actual drawings.

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