Labor insurance shop can not sell military uniforms

It is very handsome to wear military uniforms. In the future, it is not that military personnel can not wear it in disorder, and it cannot be sold indiscriminately! With immediate effect, Heze will carry out centralized rectification of military uniforms and special operations. At the same time, the report on supervision and supervision will be announced, and citizens are encouraged to actively report illegal production, sales, and use of military uniforms.

On the 22nd, the reporter followed the special rectification staff for inspection. On Bayi Street, many imitation military uniforms, shoes, and hats can be found in many labor insurance stores and outdoor equipment stores. For a small number, the inspectors requested that they be taken off the shelf, and the large ones would be confiscated. A shopkeeper said that he was buying from Shijiazhuang, mostly by construction workers and other groups. This reporter learned that the simulated military uniform is more resistant to dirt and texture because of its pattern and texture, so it is more popular in labor insurance stores and outdoor equipment stores, and some lawbreakers also took the opportunity to purchase and wear “military uniforms” for fraud.

Wang Xiaochen, chief of the military affairs department, told reporters that in order to strengthen military uniform management, especially 07-style military uniforms, and maintain the specificity and seriousness of uniforms, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Political and Law Committee, the Public Security Bureau, the Trade and Industry Bureau, and the Heze Military Region jointly launched this special rectification. Action continues until the 30th of this month. From June will be transferred to normal supervision, increase the crackdown efforts.

It is understood that in 2009 the State Council and the Central Military Commission promulgated the Regulations on the Management of Military Uniforms, which clearly stipulates and requires the production, circulation, use, prohibition, and penalties of military uniforms and military uniforms. Article 375 of the Criminal Law stipulates that illegal production and sale of more than 30 sets of military uniforms and uniforms or more than 100 sets of uniforms and logos shall be punished with imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or control, and a fine.

The special rectification actions focused on investigating the illegal sales of military uniforms, military uniform special materials, and imitation products in the labor insurance products market, outdoor supplies stores, various gift shops, and shopping websites, etc.; Special materials, behaviors of military uniforms, military uniforms, and military uniforms used by enterprises without military uniform production qualifications; investigations of illegal wearing of military uniforms and military uniforms by employees and citizens of enterprises and institutions, harming the image of military personnel, or using military uniforms to engage in illegal and criminal activities . The words "military demand," "military supply," and "military products" are also not permitted.

During the operation, units and individuals who violated laws and regulations governing military uniforms, if they did not rectify them within the time limit, the relevant military and local authorities would jointly organize investigations, confiscate the illegal articles and illegal proceeds, order them to suspend business for rectification or revoke business licenses, and impose fines; Yes, criminal responsibility is pursued according to law and the regular order of military uniform military product supervision and management is maintained.

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