Baojule furniture tells you about the installation precautions for bedside counter lights

Almost every family installs a table lamp on the bedside table, so a wide range of creative bedside counter lights can be seen everywhere. These lamps not only bring light to people, but also add a lot of fun to family life. . So what are the precautions for bedside counter lamp installation? The following treasures of furniture are briefly introduced for everyone.

1, the bedside counter light switch should reach out and touch

Because different types of lamps are placed and installed in different locations, or a thin floor lamp is placed on the side of the bed, or a European-style table lamp is placed on the bedside table of the walnut, or the wall of the bed is small. Wall lamp. If the switch of the bedside lamp does not allow you to reach out when you are lying down, then when you are drowsy and want to turn off the lights, you have to work hard to find the switch or adjust the brightness again, so that your sleepiness may also be There is not much left.

2, the bedside counter lamp should be higher than sitting posture

Because the height of the desk lamp is the same as or slightly lower than the height of your lying on the bed, it is easy for the eyes to feel uncomfortable when reading the book because the light cannot directly hit the book. Therefore, for the purpose of reading, in addition to the position of the bedside table lamp, you can also install a dimmable wall lamp on the wall of the bed.

3, choose the wall lamp must reserve the wire head

The wall lamp is usually installed above the bed, or in the middle of a double-headed wall lamp, or on each side, but to remind you that if you do not reserve a wire head on the wall before the decoration, then it is best not to Select the wall lamp for bedside lighting. Because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, there is no dark line, you need to pull a wire on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp, so the clean wall is not beautiful.

4, energy-saving lamps are not dimmable

Since the energy-saving lamp itself is a low-energy lamp, it can save power compared to the ordinary light bulb. If the energy-saving lamp is used as the adjustable light, the energy-saving lamp will reduce the service life due to frequent changes in light efficiency. Therefore, when you want to choose an adjustable light source, you should purchase a normal light bulb.

The precautions for the installation of the bedside counter lamp are introduced here. For more information, you can pay more attention to GO

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