What is the difference between an explosion-proof cable disc and an ordinary cable reel?

Explosion-proof cable tray is a kind of safety cable tray used for flammable and explosive gas in the environment. It is commonly used in mines, oil fields, or other environments where flammable gas mixtures exist. In general cable discs, slight friction between plugs and sockets creates even dangerous sparks. Explosion-proof cable trays prevent this phenomenon from occurring. Explosion-proof cable drum is a professional safety cable disc manufactured by professional technicians combining these environmental features and explosion principles.

Explosion-proof cable trays first have the same leakage protection as other cable trays. The explosion-proof cable trays have small leakage switches. If accidental leakage occurs, the leakage protection switch will be changed and the power will be turned off within 0.03 seconds. At the same time, explosion-proof cable trays are used to prevent sparks, static electricity, etc., which can easily lead to explosion hazards. All configurations including sockets, plugs, handles, etc. are made of aluminum, and are all spray-coated. Pin housings and dials are used. Aluminum alloy, that is, durable, safe and reliable.

Explosion-proof cable tray

Explosion-proof cable tray

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