Decorate designer's love - aluminum square pass

Decorate designer's love - aluminum square pass

Reading: high-end fashion car 4S shop, fresh and elegant coffee house, exotic hotel, you must have been shocked by the visual impact of ups and downs, structured, space Smart Aluminum. Yes, all this unparalleled renovation masterpiece, the love of modern designers, is aluminum Fangtong and its friends wood grain aluminum Fangtong and arc aluminum Fangtong.

Aluminum pass

Aluminum Fangtong is an important curtain decoration material that is indispensable for the modern decoration of ceilings. The roots are independent, and they form a smooth line. They are bright and smooth, and the pillars are connected. It is like a piece, ups and downs, distinct layers, separated by constant space. . Meet all kinds of decoration needs.

Wood grain aluminum pass

When Aluminium encountered a grainy paper, under the influence of the thermal transfer technology, the wood grain Fangtong vacated, once again brought about an amazing breakthrough in the decorative industry, while taking into account the fashion and practical, while not in the smallpox The elements that appeared on the suspended ceiling were added, and the wood grain aluminum square will create a masterpiece of perfect combination of space and beauty. Give people unparalleled visual impact, only one eye, then deep, and then look back, have been deeply in love, clear and long-lasting.

Aluminum square features

Colorful, long-lasting, non-fading; environmental protection, fire prevention, moisture protection; variety of species, patterns, colors can be customized according to user requirements; artistic ceiling full of personalized; with high strength and excellent flexibility.

Application of aluminum pass

Aluminum Fangtong is mainly used in crowded public places and is convenient for air circulation. It is widely used in stadiums, railway stations, shopping malls, building external walls, airports, airports, exhibition halls, shopping malls, passages, corridors, etc. Open space.

In addition, aluminum Fangtong is also divided into U-shaped aluminum Fangtong, arc-shaped Fangtong, profile Fangtong, V-shaped Fangtong, round pipe-shaped Fangtong, arc-shaped Fangtong, etc., aluminum square by surface technology can be divided into spray Powder, lacquer, fluorocarbon, wood grain, etc., customized according to customer requirements, to meet the needs of customers in different decorative occasions, different decorative effects.

Source: Guangzhou Guangjing Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

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