The reason why the spherical camera appears streak

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The two major reasons for the streak phenomenon of spherical cameras, with the rapid development of the security industry, the ball machine has also been unprecedentedly developed, and has also been widely used in various fields, as the market demand continues to increase The ball machine is getting more and more people's attention. When we use the ball machine, one thing is more of a headache for us. Sometimes, when the ball machine is working, there will always be streaks. What is the cause of the ball machine? What about streaking?
The reason why the spherical camera appears streak
1, video signal interference
When checking the interference of the video signal, first of all, we must know which line is used in the dome, whether it is a network cable or a video cable. If it is a video cable, it may be placed with the power cable. At this time, the current is passed. Interference occurs. If a network cable is used, a good network cable must be used, with shielding. If the network cable is poor, there is 100% interference.
2, power supply is insufficient, no independent power supply
The stripe of the ball machine may be caused by insufficient power supply. At this time, a separate transformer can be used for power supply. If there is no way to supply power independently, a high-power power supply is needed to avoid the voltage being insufficient 24V.

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