Pipe exhaust fan installation steps and cleaning tips

Exhaust fan is a simple and versatile ventilation device, which is very popular among users and is widely used. Pipeline exhaust fan is one of the representative products. The duct exhaust fan is a type of air conditioning device that drives the fan blade to rotate and drive the air flow to make indoor and outdoor air exchange. Also known as ducted or ducted fan, it has very good advantages. If you have this need, you may wish to follow me to understand the relevant knowledge of the pipe exhaust fan . I believe we must benefit from reading today’s introduction.

Pipeline exhaust fan profile

Pipeline exhaust fans, also known as ducted fans or ducted fans, are a type of ventilation fans that are driven by a motor to rotate a fan to drive the airflow, and indoor and outdoor air is a type of air conditioner that uses a duct as a carrier. In order to remove indoor air conditioning temperature, humidity, freshness and other effects. Ventilation fans are widely used in industrial production, home decoration and public places facilities.

Pipe exhaust fan advantages

Square duct exhaust fan advantages

1Applicable to lower installation height, motor valgus design facilitates cleaning; 2 small size, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection; 3 low noise, long service life, suitable for bad weather; 4 outer rotor motor, SKF bearings.

Circular duct exhaust fan advantages

1 The use of external rotor motor, smooth operation, long life; 2 backward curved impeller design, large air volume, high efficiency; 3 surface spray treatment, strong corrosion resistance.

Split duct exhaust fan advantages

1 The scope of application is more extensive; 2 more air volume and lower noise; 3 optimized wind wheel - scientific air duct design, optimized wind wheel structure; 4 excellent motor, quiet operation, long-lasting quality and longer life.

Metal duct exhaust fan advantages

Large wind wheel design, greater air volume at the same speed; slim body, beautiful appearance; strong fire performance;


Pipe exhaust fan installation

When the ceiling is installed at the place where the ventilation fan is installed, and the pipe at the ceiling is installed in advance to the outside, a ducted exhaust fan should be selected to use the higher air pressure to exhaust. When installing, you can fill the gap with soft materials, customize an aluminum alloy shelf, hit a few bolt holes, and hold the ventilation fan. The exhaust hole is in accordance with the size of the fan, and the four sides or circles are slightly larger than the size of the fan for installation. Each side is 2cm (20mm) wide.

Pipe exhaust fan installation steps

1. Build wooden frames and install wooden frames on the ceiling joists. The main body is enclosed in a wooden frame and firmly fixed by tapping screws (4 pieces).

2. Put the pipe into the air outlet, then use a rubber band to lock it.

3. Seal the main body into the frame.

4. After turning on the power, check for any of the following abnormalities.

5. Insert the fixed spring into the groove and install the panel on the enclosed body.

Pipe exhaust fan installation considerations

The external dimensions of the duct exhaust fan shall comply with the building modular coordination standards.

A dedicated grounded socket or switch should be installed near the duct exhaust fan. The switch position should be considered for ease of operation; linkage switches, time delay switches, or human sensor switches can be used as required.

Ceiling duct exhaust fans should be installed on a stable ceiling and securely connected to the ceiling. If necessary, they can be filled with rubber mats to reduce the noise caused by vibration. When the ceiling installation, the indoor net height should not be less than 2.2m.

Pipeline exhaust fan pipe can not be bent within 0.5 meters from the interface; in the whole process can not be more than twice the large bend less than 90 degrees; the pipe should not be reduced in the middle of the reduction, otherwise the amount of wind, wind pressure and motor Life will have an effect; in the bending process, the angle should not be less than 120 degrees, otherwise it will affect the air volume, air pressure and motor life.

Pipe exhaust fan cleaning method

After a long period of operation of the pipeline exhaust fan, the filter is affected by the dust and dirt, and the air volume and effect are affected. It is best to clean it once every two weeks. Inject oil into the filler holes in the front and rear covers of the motor and clean it with a soft cloth. Agent or soapy water, scrub the fan frame and fan blade. Avoid scrubbing with liquids such as petrol and alcohol that corrode plastic and gold shavings.

When cleaning the exhaust fan, be sure to unplug the power plug (if there is no plug, cut off the power supply). When removing the shell with warm water and detergent, wipe the fan blade with a damp cloth, but do not wet the fan blade. Then clean the case and reinstall it.


Pipe exhaust fan cleaning method

1, remove the exhaust fan, use cotton yarn wrapped sawdust, or directly wipe the sawdust to wipe, the thicker the grease easier to wipe off, wipe with water after the rinse dry, you can assemble.

2, remove the exhaust window blade, soaked in warm water, drop a few drops of cleanser, plus 50 ml of vinegar, soak for 15 to 20 minutes, with a clean rag to scrub, you can scrub grease clean.

Pipe exhaust fan cleaning

1, exhaust fan, fan color yellow, should be checked for greasy, and then need to be removed. First wipe with an oil (natural detergent in the kitchen), then wipe it with clean water, dry it, wipe it with a polish, wipe it with a cloth, and you can see its bright and clean.

2. The use time of the electric fan is long, there are many rust spots on the metal protective cover, it is difficult to remove. However, if you use a rag to dip some washing powder and water on the cover, and then rub some talcum powder to wipe the rust, you can quickly wipe the rust.

3. Daily cleaning Tips: After the cleaned duct exhaust fan is air-dried, use a cloth to coat the entire exhaust fan (fan blade and frame) and the surrounding area with a layer of detergent. When you need to clean the exhaust fan again, just use a little water and add a little detergent. Then wait for the pipe exhaust fan to air dry and then apply a layer of dishwashing detergent on the line. You can easily clean it again next time.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of pipe exhaust fan installation procedures and cleaning techniques. I hope to help those who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

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