The wall putty powder buy wall putty powder good or bad

The wall putty powder has a great effect on the wall decoration. During the construction, it can effectively help the construction personnel to carry out the first step of wall treatment, so that the wall surface can be more even, fill the gap of the construction surface, and correct some curve deviation of the building surface, for our next decoration. Create a uniform, smooth wall surface and proceed to the next step for higher quality. Next Xiaobian to introduce the wall putty powder purchase and putty powder wall discrimination.

Putty powder wall purchase

1, pay attention to putty environmental protection

Many decoration owners in the renovation, only concerned about the environmental protection of the surface coating, while ignoring the environmental protection of the wall putty powder, to know that the wall decoration will use a lot of putty powder, if the environmental performance, but this is just like Like the "poison gas bomb" planted on the wall, it will cause serious pollution in the home environment in the future.

2, it is recommended to choose finished putty

The wall putty powder is best to choose finished putty, because the non-finished wall putty powder needs to be added during the construction of white latex and other deployment, this kind of wall putty powder environmental protection is poor, so we recommend that you choose the finished putty.

3, hand touch the eye to see the quality

In the purchase of wall putty powder to open the product packaging, powdered putty hand-painted putty powder, smooth and fine as well; can also be compared with putty white decorative effect will be better.

4, check the quality of the model

If you can see the template is the best, you can wipe with your hand or have other things to draw a plan, you can feel the quality and grade of the product.

5, putty need to know

When selecting the wall putty powder, the amount needs to be estimated. The amount of the putty powder determines whether the wall surface is flat or rough, and the amount of the actual brushing needs can be estimated according to the amount of the different putty products. If the amount of putty powder is usually 1 kilogram, the scraper can scrape 1 square meter of wall surface, and the thickness is about 1 millimeter.

The wall putty powder is good or bad

1, wall putty powder is very environmentally friendly, in the amount of home decoration is also relatively large, so putty powder environmental performance has been the concern of consumers, and then in the choice of wall putty powder, try to choose a large enterprise production of environmental protection security Putty powder.

2, good wall putty powder bond strength is very high, but some informal manufacturers putty powder should be inappropriate proportion of quality problems, such as: poor bonding strength, prone to peeling, and the common market Putty powder is also often without quality assurance.

3, good wall putty powder his smoothness is also very good, can increase the brightness of the house.

4, water resistance is to determine the quality of putty powder quality, good water resistance putty powder not only in the moldy, damp conditions also have good adhesion, but also on the surface of the coating film also has a great help.

5, high-quality wall putty powder construction scraping, easy to sanding, not easy to dry.

Editor's summary: The introduction of wall putty powder and wall putty powder is introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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