Bathroom cabinet purchase main "moisture"

The bathroom is damp and the ventilation performance is not good, so how to choose the bathroom cabinet when decorating the bathroom is very important. Recently, in response to questions from readers, the reporter visited several major home stores in the provincial capital.

The reader "lionsheep" said: "My family lives in four people. Every day, I take a bath and wash simple clothes. The bathroom is very humid and there are no windows, so I am confused when I choose a bathroom cabinet."

According to industry insiders, for the bathroom cabinet, the moisture resistance of the material is particularly important. The main materials sold in the market are natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal, solid wood, wood board and so on. The wooden and plated bathroom cabinets are slightly damp-proof and waterproof, and have poor environmental protection. They are not suitable as bathroom cabinets. If purchased, the bathroom must be separated from wet and dry. If economic conditions permit, it is best to buy the best environmentally friendly products. For household bathroom cabinets, it is best to choose a wall-mounted type, a high cabinet leg or a pulley.

In addition, the internal parts of the bathroom cabinet - the purchase of hardware accessories is very important, because the hardware is the link between the cabinet, the poor quality of the hardware will seriously affect the use. First check whether the hardware handle part is firm, whether the handle size is suitable, whether the surface paint color is easy to fall, etc.; open the bathroom cabinet to check the internal hinge part, whether the hinge opening and closing is smooth, it is best to choose 180 degrees, take it Items are more convenient; if the new bathroom cabinet door has a feeling of stagnation, it is best not to buy, otherwise you will encounter more trouble in the future.

The bathroom cabinet should pay attention to the color of the material. The choice of material color can be based on the overall style of the bathroom and family preferences. For example, the choice of light-colored bathroom cabinets makes the bathroom look neat and elegant, and it is also easy to match the bathroom with different designs; while the dark bathroom cabinet is more resistant to dirt, and if there is some small wear on the surface, it will not appear too obvious; mirror The color of the texture makes the bathroom look cool and cool.

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