Live emergency 9 must know! Subvert your perception!

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In the eyes of most of the public, when others are in critical situations, what does one person with conscience always have to do? However, first aid is a technical activity that involves the health and life of others. Your rescue should be based on the assumption that no further injury to the injured person will occur. If you do not have the proper first-aid method, you would rather not do it (referring to not moving the injured, but you should also call the emergency phone for the first time).

Therefore, as an enthusiastic person, you must know what you can and cannot do. So, are you sure that the first aid knowledge you know is correct?

1. All suspicious head and neck spine injuries can not be rashly moved.

This movement will cause secondary damage and may miss the last chance.

2. All unconscious persons cannot feed anything into their mouths, including drugs and water.

People who are not aware of their consciousness, whose cough and swallowing dysfunction, feeding things may cause aspiration or even suffocation and endanger life.

3. After the drowning person is rescued ashore, water control is not required regardless of the state, regardless of any tricks.

For conscious people, there is no need to control water; for coma and breathing, the control of water will cause reflux and aspiration of asphyxiation; for cardiac arrest, water control will delay the time of first aid for CPR and lose life-saving opportunities.

The following first aid is wrong.

4. For seizures, don't stuff anything into your mouth.

The reason is omitted here because there are too many.

You let him quietly and safely sip for a while and say it again.

5. Snake bites, do not burn, cut, mouth, ligation.

These measures are all traditional and do more harm than good. The first-aid guidebooks in various continents are no longer recommended. Of course, textbooks of the People's Medical Publishing House are still being recommended.

6. Stroke, do not need ten fingers stabbed blood.

When a stroke occurs, the patient may have vague words, skewed mouth, weak limbs, and even coma. At this time, it is most important to call an ambulance to quickly obtain medical intervention. There is no evidence that bleeding therapy will work.

7. There is no first-aid role among deaf people in any disease.

Among the people who are familiar with the country, it is the best reflection of the lack of knowledge in first aid in the country.

For those who are awake, they do not need to be blind; for those who are unconscious, they are not awake; for a sudden cardiac arrest, they are basically left to die.

8. Penetrate into the body, especially foreign bodies near the skull, chest and abdomen, and large blood vessels. Do not pull them out.

The parents of the child below did not pull out this pencil. The child was successful in surgery.

9. Living people do not do CPR.

Domestically, there are often case reports of successful first aid on the scene. Carefully figure out, you will find many of them, just "sudden cardiac arrest." Speaking for CPR, it often becomes a positive energy transmission event.

This is the pain in the development of emergency medicine. When you are pressed, you have to hold it.

The big sister below can't help but climb up.

You see, a lot of common sense (emergency methods) that you know is not an appropriate first aid method. Many of the common sense we know are part of the experience, and for first aid, what is needed is correct treatment. Therefore, if you are not sure that the first-aid methods you know can effectively help the injured, do not dispose of them as you like, and making an emergency call is the most appropriate choice.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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