What are the advantages and disadvantages of stone-plastic flooring?

At present, there are many varieties of flooring on the market. Common floors include wooden floors, bamboo floors, and ceramic floors. It is estimated that many people have not heard of stone-plastic flooring. In fact, stone-plastic flooring uses natural marble powder to form a solid base with a high-density, high-fiber network structure, and is covered on its surface with a super wear-resistant PVC wear layer. , Made through hundreds of processes. Is stone floor suitable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of stone plastic flooring? The following Xiao Bian will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Shishi Plastic Flooring and stone plastic flooring to everyone.

Stone plastic floor one

Nowadays, many homeowners will use stone-plastic flooring when decorating, mainly because of their green environmental protection. Stone-plastic flooring uses natural stone powder as raw material, does not contain any radioactive elements, and is a green and environmentally friendly floor decoration material, which satisfies people's requirements for home decoration and environmental protection to the greatest extent.

Stone Plastic Floor Advantage II

There are many kinds of stone-plastic floorings, which can be divided into square sections and bar sections from the shape. The structure can be divided into homogenous core sheets. Multi-layer composite sheet, semi-smooth transparent sheet. Stone plastic floor is very thin, the general thickness of only 2-3mm, each square meter weighs only 2-3kg, less than 10% of ordinary ground materials, is conducive to the building body bearing and save space.

Stone Plastic Floor Advantage III

Stone plastic floor surface has a transparent layer of wear, making him a super wear resistance, so the application of stone plastic floor is very wide, not only can be used for home hall decoration, can also be used for hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc. Public places. In addition, the stone plastic floor also has high elasticity and superior impact resistance, stone plastic floor has good elasticity, excellent stone plastic floor can minimize the ground damage to the human body.

Stone Plastic Floor Advantage IV

In addition to the above advantages, stone plastic flooring is also very beautiful. The surface of the stone-plastic floor is very smooth and beautiful, and it is known as a model of high-tech new materials in the 21st century. Everyone can choose the appropriate color and pattern according to the actual needs of home decoration.

Stone plastic floor defects

Above we understand the advantages of stone plastic floor, then stone plastic floor is not perfect? The stone-plastic floor is divided into composite stone-plastic floor and homogenous stone-plastic floor. The composite stone-plastic floor surface has a wear-resistant layer. The homogenous stone-plastic floor is the same as the floor above and below. The wear resistance is not very good. It is not suitable for schools to use. Therefore, it is better to use composite stone plastic flooring for schools because schools do not have professional cleaning personnel like hospitals and shopping malls.

Through the above description, we have a general understanding of the stone floor. At present, stone plastic flooring and widely used in home decoration, if you are interested in stone plastic floor, you can consider to choose the right stone plastic floor. The above is the sharing of the advantages and disadvantages of Xiaobian on stone plastic flooring and stone plastic flooring. If you have more questions, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia Information, and later on will provide more exciting content for everyone.

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