Electric fire is not available wet items cover

When a fire is formed, the alarm should be promptly made. For a relatively mild fire that suddenly occurs, it is also necessary to have a simple, easy-to-follow method of dealing with emergencies.
1, water is the most commonly used fire extinguishing agent, wood, paper, cotton and other fire, you can use water to extinguish.
2, with soil, sand, soaked quilts or blankets and other rapidly covered in the fire, can effectively extinguish the fire.
3, with a broom, mop, etc., can also extinguish the small fire.
4, oil, alcohol and other fire, can not use water to fight, available sand or soaked quilts quickly covered.
5, gas fire, wet towel can cover the fire point, quickly cut off the gas source.
6, the electrical fire, can not be saved with water, can not be covered with wet items. Water is a conductor, and doing so can cause electric shock. The correct way is to cut off the power first and then extinguish it again.

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