Precautions for applying urea

Urea has a nitrogen content of 46% and is a high-quality chemical fertilizer used in rural areas. Since some farmers' friends are not too aware of the nature of urea, there are often many misunderstandings in the application process. It is manifested in the following aspects: mixed with ammonium carbonate, because urea is converted into ammonia after being applied to the soil, it can be absorbed by the crop, and its conversion rate is much slower under alkaline conditions than under acidic conditions. The ammonium carbonate is alkaline reaction after being applied to the soil, which will greatly slow down the conversion of urea, easily cause the loss and volatilization of urea, and reduce the utilization rate of urea. Therefore, urea and ammonium bicarbonate are not suitable for mixing or simultaneous application.

Urea is applied to the surface, and it takes 3 to 5 days to convert at room temperature to be absorbed by the crop. Most of the nitrogen is volatilized during the conversion of urea to ammonium. The utilization rate is only 30%. If it is applied in alkaline soil. The loss of nitrogen is more and faster. Therefore, when farmers apply urea, they can't save their work and spread the fertilizer on their surface. In the production process, a small amount of biuret is often produced. If the biuret content exceeds 2%, it will poison the seeds and seedlings, affecting the germination of the seeds and the growth of the seedlings. In severe cases, dead seedlings will be caused.

Urea is an amide nitrogen fertilizer that must be converted to ammonium nitrogen after application to be absorbed and utilized by crops. The conversion process varies in terms of soil quality, moisture and temperature, and the length of time varies from 2 to 10 hours. If water is applied immediately after application, the urea will dissolve in the water and be lost in large amounts.

After being applied with urea, it must be converted into ammonium nitrogen to be absorbed and utilized by crops. Under alkaline conditions, most of the nitrogen will become ammonia gas volatilization. Therefore, urea cannot be mixed with or used with alkaline fertilizers such as lime, grass ash, calcium magnesium phosphate.
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