How much is one meter of JBQ rubber cable JBQ-1*70 cable

Product technical requirements
4.1 The conductor is tinned copper Wire, and its structure is in accordance with the requirements of Tables 1 and 2. The performance is in line with the requirements in JB947-76 <Copper and plastic insulated wire and cable copper conductor core>.
4.2 Insulation rubber performance in accordance with JB664-77 <Electric wire and cable rubber> standard.
The insulation thickness is in accordance with Tables 1 and 2, and the allowable deviation is -10%, and the thickness at the thinnest part is not less than 90%-0.1mm of the nominal value.
4.3 Sheath rubber performance in accordance with JB664-77 <Electric wire and cable rubber> Provisions, sheath thickness in accordance with Table 1,2, allow deviation -20%, the thinnest thickness is not less than 80% of the nominal value.
4.4 The finished wire shall be subjected to OYYDDL0118-2003, the specified AC 50Hz withstand voltage test.
4.5 The DC resistance of the conductive wire core of the finished wire shall meet the requirements of Tables 1 and 2 when the temperature is 20°C.
4.6 The wires shall be able to withstand the immersion paint test. The wire shall be immersed in 1032 paint at a temperature of 50±5°C for 30 minutes at a constant temperature of 130±5°C for 5 hours, taken out and dripped, and then heated at 130±5°C for 48 hours. Finally, the wire was wound on a round rod of a specified diameter, and the wire sheath layer was cracked, brittle, and sticky.

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Chainlink Fence

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