Central air conditioning ceiling size introduction central air conditioning ceiling considerations

Nowadays every household uses air conditioners, but everyone is not sure about the size of the central air-conditioning ceiling, what are the precautions for the size of the central air-conditioning ceiling, and what is the biggest advantage of the central air-conditioning, so our decoration home network Xiaobian for everyone In detail, what is the size of the central air-conditioning ceiling, is there any standard regulations, and what are the details of the central air-conditioning ceiling?


First, the advantages of central air conditioning

1, uniform cooling and comfort

The central air conditioner controls the indoor temperature more strongly than the split type air conditioner. Generally, the split type air conditioner stops after the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature until the indoor temperature floats more than 2 °C to restart the cooling, and the human body floats when the temperature exceeds 1 °C. There will be obvious discomfort, and the central air conditioner can balance the indoor temperature to within 0.5 °C, and the overall feeling is more comfortable.

2, save space and beautiful appearance

The installation position of the central air conditioner is hidden inside the ceiling, so the installation space of the air conditioner hangs and the cabinet can be saved. In addition, the air vents installed in the ceiling can better match the interior decoration, and have more controllable and multilateral features during installation, making the interior decoration more fashionable.

3, the failure rate is low and long life

The life of ordinary split air conditioners is 5-10 years. The average life of central air conditioners is about 20 years, which is much larger than that of split air conditioners. At the same time, the failure rate of central air conditioners is much lower than that of split air conditioners. Beginning with smaller failure problems.

4, energy consumption is higher than energy saving

The central air conditioner adopts a one-to-many installation mode, which reduces the number of outdoor units of the air conditioner. At the same time, the air conditioner frequency conversion balance further enhances the energy saving degree. Compared with the split type air conditioner, the central air conditioner consumes less energy, and the long-term use sees energy saving. More capable.


Second, the central air conditioning ceiling size

1. Fan coil: the ceiling depth* height* width, at least 886*300*(1000-1800)mm.

2. Multi-connected air duct indoor unit: At least 850*280* (600-1400) mm.

3, Daikin home central air conditioning has a new ultra-MINI air duct type indoor unit, the front and back depth is only 450mm, at least 650 * 280 * (1000-1800).

4. From the point of view of installation, the household central air conditioner is not strict with the area and floor height of the house, and ordinary households can also be installed. The main unit is installed in the ceiling of the kitchen and toilet, and usually takes up to 30 cm. If the height is not enough, the main unit can be installed on the balcony or outdoors.

5. Under normal circumstances, the installation of the floor height above 2.60 meters will not feel depressed, and you can also choose the angle-type internal machine to make a partial ceiling to release the space.

Third, the central air conditioning ceiling considerations

1, the general central air-conditioning manufacturers, in order to correspond to the home improvement market, there will be an ultra-thin hidden ceiling duct machine, but the general size is 210mm to 250mm.

2. Since last year, all brands of central air-conditioning companies have introduced ultra-thin internal machines with a thickness of only 200mm, which makes the space more economical. For example, the thickness of Daikin central air-conditioning equipment is 200mm.

3, then, plus your decoration of the wooden cage bone, stone high board, four to five points, then, your total height is 26 cm, but the home user generally recommends the drainage slope to two to three centimeters This is safer, because the home decoration is not very good for maintenance, so the slope is larger, the drainage is smoother, and it is not easy to block.

There are many different regulations for the size of the central air-conditioning ceiling. Our friends can refer to it carefully. There is also the central air-conditioning ceiling size. It also relates to the precautions when installing the air conditioner. Therefore, friends should have more knowledge about the size of the central air-conditioning ceiling. Learn a few times, there is a lot of decoration information in our decoration home network, everyone likes to continue to pay attention.

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