Solving the deformation of 35CrMnSiA thin-walled parts by Y35-II isothermal quenching oil

A factory uses a mesh belt to quench the key parts of the body as shown in the figure. The body parts are thin-walled parts with a wall thickness of only 2 mm, which requires stricter deformation after quenching and tempering. After the quenching and tempering of the body parts, the dimensional deformation oversize is large. If the dimensional distortion of the parts is not solved, it will inevitably affect the quality and production cost of the products. To this end, the plant analyzes and tests the factors affecting the deformation of the part, such as heating parameters, cooling medium, etc., and finds ways to reduce the deformation.

Key part body (material: 35CrMnSiA)

After analysis and comparison, it is considered that the cooling medium is the main factor affecting the deformation of the body parts, and the wall thickness difference is also an important factor affecting the deformation of the body parts. Y35-II isothermal quenching oil is used as the cooling medium and the wall thickness difference of 35crMnsiA steel parts before heat treatment is controlled within 0.06mm, which has a good effect on reducing the deformation tolerance of parts. The parts were quenched and tempered in batches, indicating that the deformation of the parts was only 2% to 3%, and the quality of the heat treatment was relatively stable, meeting the technical requirements of the product.

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