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The normal use of rolling bearings and common problems

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There are dozens of bearings on the car that are rolled bearings; large and small sizes contain all the common bearing types; the impact and damage of the rolling bearings are also common.
Because the rolling bearings are usually installed inside the tissue; so it is not convenient to visually view; can only be based on the appearance of the disease to make a rough judgment; then open and view.
The correct use of the rolling bearing is a reliable guarantee to reduce bearing problems and extend the life of the bearing; its content contains the correct device and reasonable smoothness.
The following is an analysis of the application requirements of rolling bearings and common faults and injuries.
First, the correct use of rolling bearings. The bearing should be cleaned and cleaned before the disassembly and assembly of the bearing; the special bearing should be used to press the auxiliary bearing straight and evenly; do not hit with a hammer; uniquely stop the tap directly on the bearing. When the bearing seat and seat When the hole cooperation is loose; the seat hole or the replacement bearing should be corrected; do not use the method of pitting or padding on the bearing cooperation surface. The bearing should be pulled out with a suitable puller when the bearing is disassembled; do not use a chisel , hand hammer and other percussion bearings.
2. Smooth smoothing bearings for bearings commonly used smoothing agents are smooth oil and smooth grease. When the peripheral speed of the shaft is less than 4-5m / s; or the car can not use smooth oil smooth parts; all use smooth grease smooth. Smooth grease The smooth strength is that the sealing layout is simple; the smooth grease is not easy to lose; it is not affected by the temperature; adding a smooth grease can use a longer time.
The use of smooth grease should pay attention to two problems; one is to clarify the requirements of the book according to the car; select the smooth grease of the appropriate trademark. For example; the automotive water pump bearing should not use the nano-smooth grease; because of its poor water resistance. The smooth grease in the excess is required; usually only 1/2-l/3 of the bearing cavity is filled; too much is useless; the working resistance of the bearing is added; the heating is heated. The unique attention is the automobile wheel bearing To initiate "empty hub smooth"; that is, only apply a layer of excess smooth grease on the bearing; otherwise; not only bad and bad heat; it will also make the smooth grease overflow; can affect the braking function.
The smooth strength of smooth oil is the conflict resistance. 20. 苌 (4) 龋 饕糜诟咚俸 饕糜诟咚俸 饕糜诟咚俸 ぷ骰 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 澄 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 岢 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑 光滑Replace; after the old oil is released, the organization should be cleaned and then added with new oil; the fuel should be added to the regular marking; or flush with the fueling port (depending on the detailed layout of the car, demand);
Second, the common problems of rolling bearings rolling fault bearing defects usually appear in two; first, the bearing device parts temperature is too high; second, there is noise in the bearing operation.
1. If the bearing temperature is too high during the organization operation; the part of the bearing of the device promises a certain temperature; when the tissue is touched by the hand; the handle should not be felt as normal; otherwise, the bearing temperature is too high.
The reason why the bearing temperature is too high is that the smooth oil quality does not meet the demand or the enthalpy change; the smooth oil viscosity is too high, the tissue device is too tight (the gap is lacking), the bearing device is too tight, the bearing race is changed on the shaft or the shell, and the load is over Large, bearing cage or rollover fragmentation.
2. Bearing noise Rolling bearings promise a subtle work noise during operation; if the sound is too loud or there is abnormal noise or impact sound, it indicates that the bearing is faulty.
The cause of the noise of the rolling bearing is more complicated; the first is the wear of the inner and outer rings of the bearing. Because of this wear; the cooperation between the bearing and the shell, the bearing and the shaft is destroyed; the axis is deviated from the correct orientation; In the high-speed movement, abnormal noise occurs. When the bearing is exhausted; its appearance metal falls off; it will also increase the radial gap of the bearing and cause abnormal noise. In addition, the bearing is smooth and lacking; the dry conflict is formed; and the bearing is broken and the abnormal movement will occur. After the bearing wears loosely; the cage is loose and damaged; abnormal noise will also occur.
3. Damage to the rolling bearing When the rolling bearing is disassembled, the bearing damage and the cause of the damage can be judged according to the damage condition of the bearing.
1. The rolling surface outer metal bearing bearing rolling body and the inner and outer ring raceway surfaces all receive the effect of periodic pulsating load; then the contact stress changes during the attack cycle. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value; in the rolling body or inside and outside On the raceway of the raceway, there will be fatigue and shedding. If the bearing is too heavy, it will make the fatigue worse. Others; the bearing device is not correct, the shaft is tortuous; it will also appear on the raceway.
The fatigue of the bearing raceway will reduce the accuracy of the shaft; the tissue will oscillate and noise.
2. Bearing burn burn bearings have tempering color on the raceway and roll body. The cause of burn is usually lack of smoothness, smooth oil quality does not meet the demand or transformation; and the bearing device is too tight.
3. The plastic deformation bearing has uneven pits on the touch surface of the raceway and the roller; it clarifies the plastic deformation of the bearing. The reason is that the bearing is under the effect of large static load or impact load; the partial stress of the external work exceeds the yield of the data. Limit; this condition usually occurs on bearings that rotate at low speeds.
4. The cause of the crack in the bearing ring crack bearing seat can be that the bearing cooperation is too tight; the bearing foreign or inner ring is loose; the bearing housing is deformed; the bearing bearing surface is poorly processed.
5. The reason why the cage is broken is that it is smooth and lacking; the rolling body is broken; the seat is inclined.
6. The reason why the metal of the cage adheres to the tumbling body is that the tumbling body is stuck in the cage or is lacking in smoothness.
7. Severe wear of the raceway can be caused by foreign objects falling into the race; lack of smooth oil or smooth oil trademark is not suitable.

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