The United States and the United States to sew agent brand which is the United States and the United States to buy the right sewing agent

The US Grouts have a good overall decorative effect. At present, the brands of US grout brands on the market are uneven, and although filling and jointing do not occupy a large amount in the home improvement process, if they are not taken seriously, after a period of time, such as the joints appear yellow and black, the brick surface will appear Drum cracks and other consequences, both affect the use and very beautiful. So, which brand of domestic grout is good? Which brands are listed on the list of China's top ten most beautiful grouts? Here are the four aspects most concerned by consumers: price, market share, user word of mouth and construction services. Recommended several good US grout brand for everyone to buy!

Domestic grout brand which is good

1, Oriental Yuhong

Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Co., Ltd. has ten brands of interface agents, Beijing famous trademarks, listed companies and high-tech enterprises.

2. DeGao

Degao Building Materials Co., Ltd., the French Paili Group's brand, the world-famous leading company for dry mortar, and the Degao K11 waterproof slurry Degusta TTB tile adhesive and other products, have won the trust of customers.

3. Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Investment Co., Ltd., the top ten brand of interface agent, an outstanding supplier of global joint sealants, and one of the world's largest manufacturers of building materials.

4. Mabe

Mabe Construction Materials Co., Ltd., founded in Italy in 1937, is a manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for large-scale construction.

5. Sika

Sika Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of waterproof coatings, was founded in 1910 and is the world's leading professional architectural chemical product company.

6, Lei Di

Lei Di Building Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1956 in the United States, is one of the world's largest suppliers of tile and stone installation systems.

7, speed Austrian

Speed ​​Austrian Trading Co., Ltd., originating from Europe, offers a variety of solutions for sealing and waterproofing.

8, top Thai

Selena Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1992 in Poland, is a global leader in the production of polyurethane foams and is dedicated to producing and supplying a wide range of construction chemicals to professional contractors and home users around the world.

9, Henkel

Henkel Investment Co., Ltd., founded in Germany in 1956, is an influential brand in the field of civil adhesives. It specializes in architectural, civil decoration and stationery adhesive products.

10. Yadis

Yadi Si Building Material Co., Ltd., originated in the United Kingdom in 1888, mainly engaged in pneumatic tires in the early days, and then involved in the field of chemical building materials, Europe's leading building materials production and sales.

US grout purchase method

1, to see the hiding power: dry solid can not be shortened significantly, appearance should be plump and flat.

2, see the hardness: high hardness after curing, comparable with the tile, self-cleaning, resistant to wipe.

3, smell smell: The more pungent odor, the better the environmental protection.

4, see the consistency: in the extrusion process consistency appropriate, not simply wiped off, construction performance is good.

5, see the color and gloss: gloss is too high, does not look natural. Low gloss is not conducive to cleaning.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the knowledge about the correct method for the purchase of the US Meridian brand, which is to remind everyone that the home decoration is now a two-component epoxy porcelain seam. Agents, to identify the quality of two-component epoxy porcelain sizing agent, you can look at its hardness, but not that the higher the hardness the better, but also both patience, so choose soft and moderate.

US grout brand

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