Tile repair agent use method tile repair agent use precautions

In daily life, our tiles will always cause partial damage due to some human factors and quality problems. At this time, we use glue to no avail, or we have to choose a tile repairing agent to repair tiles, so that not only can the tiles be made. Breaking the mirror and re-circling, it also makes the owner feel happy, really a very conscience product! Then let Xiaobian take everyone to look at the relevant content of the tile repair agent .


In the daily life, the tiles inside the house are inadvertently corroded by the acidic detergent. How to choose the tile glaze repair agent, see the stain on the tile, many people will not use the tile cleaner, such as clean Anti-corrosion agent for ceramic tile rust remover, tile anti-slip agent, floor tile cleaning agent, stone washing water for cleaning the exterior wall, glass water, cleaning agent for cleaning air conditioner, etc. The black tile trace formed by the acid tile cleaner after sprinkling the bright tile floor tiles.

There is no reflection from the side, the hand touch can feel unsmooth, a little rough, the front is not shiny, it is easy to seep stains, it is clean, and the time will not turn black and black, in this case many people will Very annoyed, because the surface of the tile is damaged, the surface of the bright glaze is gone, after cleaning the black stains on the surface, the time is not long and the black stains are recovered. This situation is very much, the tile floor tiles are different. In furniture appliances, you can replace it. It is not so easy to replace the tiles on the ground. Considering the color difference and bumping into other tiles, now you can restore the original luster with tile glaze repair.

After the tile surface is corroded and polished, how to choose the tile glaze repair agent, super clean bright vitrified brick and full polished glazed tile interior decoration or after a period of use, the surface will appear fine white scratches, reflective look is very obvious, like hair Silky scratches.

Push-pull metal during interior decoration is likely to leave a black metal scratch mark. Because the metal scratch marks are firmly combined with the floor tiles, it is not easy to scrub, so some people use fine sandpaper and clean balls to scrub. These methods will blacken. The traces were wiped off, but the gloss was also washed away. At first, only the black scratches were not very happy. The black marks were more obvious. The scratches were not shiny from the side. Pushing and pulling the scratches on the surface damage caused by metal, furniture and flower pots, now with the tile glaze repair agent can also restore the original bright luster.


After the surface of the tile is corroded and polished, how to choose the tile glaze repair agent, the surface of the vitrified polished brick used for 5-8 years is faint and worn, and it becomes old and dirty. The place where the tile is often walked has many small pieces. Scratches, gloss is not good, lost the brilliant luster of new bricks. These problems are recognized by the industry as technical problems. Now they have finally been broken. The original thought is impossible to solve. The bright effect, you and your friends are shocked! 10 minutes will let you master the methods and skills.

How to choose the tile glaze repair agent after the tile surface is corroded and polished, the tile repair agent is used: hand-held polishing machine installation head and white polishing pad with a small towel to paste the tile-like glazed surface repair agent on the brick surface In the area where the damage is dull, then the white polishing pad is pressed against the tile glaze repair agent, and the speed of the polishing machine is adjusted to 4-5 stops. The light is gently swayed and polished. The white pad friction heat reacts with the repair agent to form a bright glaze. After the surface layer is dried, apply the glazed repair agent and throw it until the light at the damage is close to other places.

If the corrosion is serious, the surface of the tile is not shiny. It is necessary to use a green pad to smooth the rough place, throw the brightness, and then use the tile glaze repair agent, which will quickly make a bright luster. The tile glaze repair agent can increase the brightness. 50 degrees, hardness and wear resistance is very good, water-resistant scrub, can be kept in public places for 3 years, the surface of the family surface matte can be repaired for 8-10 years, the conclusion is that I am in a hospital with very large traffic The experiment done in the payment corridor, Jielia tile glazed surface repair agent is your choice after the tile is corroded and destroyed.

How about, I read the above introduction to the tile repair agent, and I have learned a lot about the tile repair agent. I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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