What are the decoration design of leisure restaurants? Leisure restaurant design introduction

When designing a Chinese restaurant, you should not only consider the practicality of the restaurant, but also consider its aesthetics. In fact, the decoration of the restaurant is very flexible. We can design according to the hobbies of different families, and can make different styles according to the specific living environment, thus creating a variety of atmosphere and atmosphere. The following is a small series of the decoration home network, and then talk about the precautions and basic principles of the casual restaurant decoration design .


First, leisure restaurant decoration design elements

1. Top surface----It should be decorated with elegant and clean materials, such as lacquer, partial wood and metal, and set off with lamps. Sometimes the ceiling can be lowered appropriately to give people a sense of intimacy.

2, wall---- waist position to consider using some wear-resistant materials, try to choose environmentally friendly and harmless materials, such as choosing some wood, glass, mirror for local wall treatment, and can create a fresh, elegant The atmosphere to increase the appetite of the diners gives a sense of spaciousness.


3, the ground ----- select the surface of clean, easy to clean materials, such as marble, floor tiles, flooring, local glass and light source below, easy to create a romantic atmosphere and mystery.

4, dining table ---- square table, round table, folding table, irregular type, different table shape gives people a different feeling. The square table feels right, the round table feels close, the folding table feels flexible and convenient, and the irregular type feels mysterious.

5, the lamps ----- the shape of the lamps should not be cumbersome, but to be bright enough. It can be installed with convenient and practical upper and lower moving lamps; the position of the lamps can be lowered; or the light holes can be used to pass the soft light, which not only defines the space, but also obtains an intimate light feeling. Regardless of the type of luminaire, the light source is generally dominated by warm light, which makes the color of the table on the table more attractive.

6. Greening----The restaurant can place a green plant of your choice in the corner and embellish the green space in the vertical space.

7, decoration ---- calligraphy and painting, wall hanging, special decorative items, etc., according to the specific conditions of the restaurant, modern restaurant, modern restaurant, arranged to decorate the environment, but pay attention to not too much and take the lead, making the restaurant look messy.

8. Music----A speaker can be placed in the corner. When eating, a soft and beautiful background music can be played in time to promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in the human body, promote the peristalsis of the stomach, and facilitate the digestion of food.

Second, casual restaurant decoration design style

1. The retro style is the theme often used in the design of dining space. It excavates and organizes the rich characteristics of the prehistoric civilization, reproduces the pre-history flavor, and gives the eating space a strong vitality and appeal. With the personality of the character, it breaks through the old-fashioned interior space, and the blue-gray slate is laid on the ground. The tables and chairs made of thick vines and bamboos, the natural materials of light colors, the ancient trees and green shades of the original, the streams of the original stone barriers are close to the village scenery of the southern suburbs of Jiangsu, the environment is built to express the feelings of Shenqing and Maosaidun, and the ancient palace lanterns are not only delicate and dysfunctional. The lighting adds a lot of elegance.

2. Restaurant design with the theme of rural farmhouse

In the contemporary era, we are under increasing pressure. The contemporary living environment is expected to return to nature. It is a trend of the times. The restaurant restaurant designed with the theme of rural farmhouses is waiting.

For example, in the appearance of the space for plant decoration, the hall is surrounded by twists and turns of small waterways, the roof lighting is designed as a corn image, the wall is displayed with straw hats, lanterns and other items, the window is open, and the wind blows, giving people a taste of the countryside. The designer uses natural wood, bamboo, rattan and hemp as the main materials of design, and cooperates with modern technology products such as Luke Wood and Molded Concrete.

3. Restaurant design with the theme of regional customs.

At present, there are more dining places for catering design based on customary customs. In the wide geographical space of our country, there are dietary space designs in the north of the northeast with the theme of bandits, earth walls and dog skin hats. In the south, there are tropical styles with the theme of coconut and ocean, and yellow corn in the west. The big peppers are designed with the theme of decorative elements, and the eastern part has the design of old Shanghai style elements.

4. Restaurant design with the theme of book rhyme

According to the space design company's insights, the catering operators who are constantly adding are aware that the high-grade, high-level civilized knowledge is the foundation of the company's security. Therefore, the catering industry has gradually established the operating philosophy of “Literature Shop”. The hall is based on the old color, with ancient floor tiles, wooden dining tables and chairs, dark dining tables on the dining table, etc. These decorative elements are all building the theme of literature.

The above is the content of the casual restaurant decoration design that Xiaobian brings to everyone today. Those who want to decorate the restaurant will quickly memorize the above content! I believe that there are always a variety of casual restaurant decoration design styles you like, and want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network!

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