Electrical construction commonly used protective gloves on the construction site

(1) Labor protection gloves. With the function of protecting hands and arms, workers usually use such gloves when working.

(2) Insulating gloves for live working. According to the voltage to select the appropriate gloves, check the surface for cracks, sticky, brittle and other defects, if abnormal use is prohibited.

(3) Acid and alkali resistant gloves. Primarily used for gloves worn when exposed to acids and alkalis.

(4) Rubber oil resistant gloves. It is mainly used for gloves that are exposed to a variety of mineral oils, vegetable oils, and fatty clusters.

(5) Welder's gloves. For the protective gloves worn in the electric and fire welding industry, the presence or absence of incompleteness on the surface of the leather or canvas should be checked. If there are any defects, use of the protective gloves is prohibited. The gloves should be of sufficient length and the wrists should not be exposed outside.

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Channel Steel

Channel steel mainly used for building structures, curtain wall engineering, machinery and equipment, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, channel steel often used in combination with I-beam.

Packaging Details:With iron sheet in the both end of bundle. 

Delivery Detail:7-30 days after confirm the order

Grade: Q235/A36/SS400/S235JR


Usage: building construction

Tolerance: based on your requirement.

Color: Black

Channel Steel

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