Emergency eye washer and shower management regulations

Emergency eye washers and emergency showers are commonly used protective equipment in chemical laboratories. When the eyes are injured by chemical dangerous goods, emergency eye wash can be used to urgently flush eyes. When severe, go to the hospital as soon as possible; when a lot of chemicals are splashed When showered on the body, use an emergency shower to spray the whole body first (if not using an emergency shower, try to rinse with plenty of water), and if necessary, go to the hospital for treatment.

In order to maintain the safety and effectiveness of emergency eye washers and emergency showers, and to use them properly, the use and maintenance of emergency eye washers and emergency showers are specified as follows:

First, use method

1. Eye wash can be used for eye, face emergency flush. Remove the eye washer, hold the handle at the eye, press the handle to drain the water, release the handle to turn off the water, press the handle and push the button to continue to discharge water, push the button and release the handle to turn off the water.
2. The sprayer is used for body washing. The injured person stood under the sprinkler and pulled down the valve handle. Immediately after the forest was sprayed, the valve was pulled to close the water.

Second, the regulations

1. In order to prevent the corruption of the water in the water pipe or the failure of the valve, the laboratory designated person should regularly start the emergency eyewash and emergency shower and start the water every two weeks for about 10 seconds. At the same time, check if it is normal. Find faults and repair them in time.
2. The laboratory establishes a special record book, and records and signs water every time.
3. Keep the eyewasher clean. Always wipe it. Always cover the printhead with a dust cap to ensure that the eyewash nozzle is not contaminated.

Third, pay attention to matters

1. Emergency eyewashers and emergency showers are not a substitute for medical treatment. In the case of severe flushing, they must be treated as soon as possible.
2. Emergency eye washers and emergency showers are special protective equipment and must not be used for flushing instruments or other purposes.
3. Unusable instruments or other objects will block the eyewash and affect the emergency use of the eyewash.

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