Jiangsu is striving to develop green building materials, and new wall materials account for 85% of domestic lead

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the development of the building materials industry in Jiangsu Province should be further developed, and the foundation should be more realistic. It is necessary to take a new step in the development of green building materials and new building materials.

After the “Eleventh Five-Year” development, the development of Jiangsu new wall materials industry is ahead of the country. In 2012, the total output of wall materials in the province reached 52 billion, and the proportion of new wall materials reached 85%. Among them, Xuzhou and Wuxi reached 97%, ranking first in the province. At the same time, the province's development of new wall materials to achieve energy savings of 2.55 million tons, comprehensive utilization of industrial waste slag 21 million tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions of 63,700 tons, and achieved significant economic and social benefits. The localities have adjusted the structure and completed 122 new wall material construction and technological transformation projects, adding 7.18 billion new wall material production capacity, a group of large-scale, low-pollution new wall material production enterprises and new walls with high quality and excellent quality. The material products occupy the new wall material market, and the development of new wall materials has laid a good foundation for the development of the energy-saving construction industry in our province.

In the past 2012, there have been some gratifying changes in the development of building materials industry in Jiangsu Province, which is highlighted in the investment in building materials industry. The province's investment completion amount was 69.026 billion yuan, an increase of 8.11% over the same period of last year. New materials, of which waterproof construction materials increased by 106.75%; thermal insulation and sound insulation materials increased by 164.20%; asbestos cement products increased by 403.20%; glass fiber and products increased by 62.04%; light construction materials increased by 101.22%, while cement Investment in the glass and other industries has fallen sharply, which indicates that the adjustment of the building materials industry in Jiangsu Province has made substantial progress.

Xu Xue, the person in charge of the Jiangsu Provincial Construction and Construction Office and the Jiangsu Provincial Construction and Engineering Bureau, pointed out that the development of green buildings is inseparable from green building materials. For example, energy saving is inseparable from thermal insulation materials; wood can not be separated from wood-plastic composite materials and chemical building materials. Water saving is inseparable from membrane filtration materials and plastic pipes. He hoped that Jiangsu building materials enterprises should pay more attention to the development of the construction industry, and carry out structural adjustments around the goals of water saving, energy saving, land saving and material saving, and adapt to the integration of intelligent design and construction in the construction field and the integration of steel structure design and construction. Integration of design and construction of building curtain wall, integration of design and construction of building decoration,

Since the State promulgated the "Green Building Action Plan", vigorously promoted building energy-saving renovation and development of green building materials, and implemented the policy of restricting the use of clay products in urban areas and prohibiting the use of solid clay bricks in the city, domestic building materials enterprises began to turn to new wall materials. Development and production. Guangzhou Oufu Building Materials Co., Ltd. timely grasped the market orientation and changes in national policies, implemented energy-saving emission reduction and clean production in the whole industry, and continuously strengthened technological innovation. This time, Guangzhou Oufu Building Materials successfully developed a variety of green environmental protection intelligent building materials equipment, such as insulation board equipment (for wall insulation), foam concrete block equipment (specialized for wall materials), lightweight partition board equipment, etc. With ultra-low dust emission, no pollution in operating environment, cost saving, stable and reliable product quality, it has passed the technical test of National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Its thermal conductivity and fire rating exceed the existing standards and can be widely used. Insulation materials, wall materials, insulation and other production areas.