How to choose the right surge protector correctly

To choose the right and appropriate surge protector, first we need to know the relevant knowledge of the surge protector. Surge protection

SPD) has several major categories:

In terms of working principle, surge protectors can be divided into switch type and voltage limiting type, shunt type | (turbulent type). In terms of use, it can be divided into electricity.

Source protector and signal protector.

The surge voltage of a surge protector refers to a strong one generated by a power circuit in a switch or a lightning strike inductive load or a large load.

The operation of the overvoltage, this very strong operating overvoltage is an instantaneous overvoltage, we also call the overcurrent, which is an instantaneous flow

Over current. To prevent these destructive surge voltages from damaging our sensitive electronic components or automation

Equipment, we have to install this surge protector to avoid the chance of damage, of course the extent of this damage will be with our yuan

The device's withstand voltage is closely related, and it also has a certain relationship with the energy that can be converted in our circuit, so we are now in succession.

Components related to air spark gaps, gas-filled overvoltage arresters, varistors, avalanche diodes, TVS, etc. have been produced.

There are two types of surge voltage absorbers, one is zinc oxide varistor and the second is a combined surge absorber.

Surge noise needs to be suppressed by our surge protector, then the zinc oxide varistor is made of zinc oxide.

Made of varistor, this varistor has high voltage nonlinear coefficient, large relative capacity, low residual voltage, low leakage current, no freewheeling, http://

The volt-ampere characteristics are symmetrical and so on.