SKD11 chemical composition

SKD11 die steel is an air-cooled hardening die steel widely used in the world. Smelted by electric furnace and remelted by electroslag, high purity, better toughness, uniform structure, good high temperature strength, toughness and high temperature fatigue resistance, can withstand sudden temperature changes, suitable for long-term work at high temperature, with excellent Cutting performance and polishing performance, quenching temperature 1020 ° C. It is the best material for making large and medium-sized aluminum alloy die-casting molds.

The chemical composition of SKD11 is as follows:
C Si Mn Cr Mo V P S
1.50 0.25 0.45 12.00 1.00 0.35 ≤0.025 ≤0.01

SKD11 die steel is mainly used for easy turning, and it is suitable to make sharp edge, scissors, circular saw, cold or hot trimming die, roller edge, screw pattern, wire die, milling cutter, impact die, round roller, power transformer core. Die, cutting steel rolling knife, steel tube forming roller, special forming roller, precision gauge, cold-pressing tool with complicated shape, mandrel, metallurgy, tin mold, plastic mold, screw head mold, etc.