Laser marking machine in the leather industry process application

Laser applications are mainly used in the leather industry for shoe engraving, handbags, leather gloves, bags and more. Some of the production process is small hole, surface hook line or cutting pattern. Process requirements: the surface of the hook line is not yellow, the bottom color of the material is carved, the edge of the leather cutting is not black, and the carving is clear. Materials include synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC artificial leather, leather wool, semi-finished products, and various leather fabrics.

The engraving speed depends on the size of the graphic. The relative speed of the small pattern is slower, the speed is 0.8 m/min, the cutting speed of the large pattern is 1.5-3 m/min, the light intensity is 75%, and the leather can be cut through. . The dermis is slightly slower, the speed is 0.4-1.2 m/min, the light intensity is 60-75%, the dermis is cut at the incision, the air is cut, but the oxide layer is formed at the incision, and the dermis is required to be black. It is difficult to meet the requirements; they must be processed. For example, after cutting, the edges can be blackened with plasticine. There is also a cut out smell, so far, there is no way to solve it. For the use of nitrogen cutting, it requires high-pressure nitrogen gas, which is slow and costly, but it has no oxide layer and the cutting effect is better. Different leather materials, different cutting methods, such as artificial leather marking can be marked in the first wet water, the effect is more ideal. The leather cut surface can be embossed to prevent the surface from yellowing; the edges are black and require special treatment.