What are the advantages of Suzhou polyacrylamide water purifying agent?

In the market, there are many kinds of water purifying agents , such as polyaluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, and polyaluminum chloride. So in public

Among the types of water purifying agents, what are the advantages of Suzhou polyacrylamide water purifying agents? Why do we want to use Suzhou Polypropylene

What is the enamide water purifying agent?

First, water soluble

Suzhou Polyacrylamide Water Purifying Agent is a water-soluble polymer with good water solubility and can be completely dissolved in cold water.

Second, flocculation

Suzhou water purifying agent is insoluble in most organic solvents and has good flocculation, which can reduce the frictional resistance between liquids.

. The suspended matter can be neutralized by electric charge, bridged and adsorbed, thereby performing flocculation.

Third, the amount of use

Suzhou water purifying agent product, adding a small amount of agent, can play a great flocculation effect, generally adding 0.01-10g/m3

Yes, thereby saving the cost of using the medicament

Fourth, operation

Suzhou water purifying agent is simple and safe to operate, and the amount of addition is generally multiplied by a certain ratio according to the dose obtained in the small test.

Five, ph value

Due to the unique characteristics of the Suzhou water purifying agent itself, the range of pH values ​​used is also large. Gu Qi got all kinds of sewage treatment

A wide range of applications.

Sixth, other

Suzhou water purifying agent also has good adhesion, resistance reduction and thickening, in paper production, construction glue and fragrance

It has also been widely used, and has the reputation of “a hundred additives”.

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