US scientists develop ways to convert carbon dioxide into useful industrial products

June 9, according to media reports, US scientists discovered a method to the atmosphere of carbon dioxide into useful industrial products, and promote their findings will help people or with carbon dioxide in air to produce biofuels.

US scientists develop ways to convert carbon dioxide into useful industrial products

The Institute of Bioenergy Systems at the University of Georgia says: "Fundamentally, what we do is to make a microbe that allows the microbe to absorb carbon dioxide like a plant and then produce useful products." This process is similar to plant photosynthesis. The sugar produced by plant photosynthesis can be fermented into a fuel such as ethanol, but the sugar produced by plants is difficult to extract.

This discovery means that we can remove the plant as a middleman, get carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, and turn it into useful products such as fuels, chemicals, and so on. This process may be achieved by a unique microbe called "Strong Firefly", which grows by eating sugar from the salty seawater near the geothermal vent. By manipulating the genetic material of this microbe, a new type of intense firefly that can eat carbon dioxide at lower temperatures has been developed.

The research team used hydrogen to create a chemical reaction that synthesizes carbon dioxide into hydroxypropionic acid in a new type of intense firefly. Hydroxypropionic acid is a common industrial chemical used in the manufacture of acrylic and other products. Other genetic manipulations of the new type of Pyrococcus furiosus have allowed it to produce other useful chemical products, such as fuels. When this fuel produced by Pyrococcus furiosus is burned, it releases the same amount of carbon dioxide needed to make it, not only to achieve carbon balance, but also a cleaner fuel that can replace natural gas, coal and oil. .

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