2017 World Top 500 list released! The top five China accounted for three seats

Abstract On July 20th, the new "Fortune" World Top 500 list was released. Wal-Mart ranked first for four consecutive years. The other two of the first three camps were Chinese companies - State Grid and Sinopec. PetroChina ranked fourth. Fortune World 5...
On July 20th, the new "Fortune" World Top 500 list was released. Wal-Mart ranked first for four consecutive years. The other two of the first three camps were Chinese companies - State Grid and Sinopec. PetroChina ranked fourth.
The Fortune Global 500 list of Fortune Global 500 has been the most famous and authoritative list of the world's largest companies. It is known as the “ultimate list” and is published annually by Fortune magazine. Last year, the total operating income, total net profit and the entry threshold of the listed companies all fell by about 11%. This year, these three indicators have rebounded slightly. Among them, the total operating income of the top 500 companies increased slightly to 27.7 trillion US dollars; the total net profit increased by about 3% to 1.52 trillion US dollars; the entry threshold increased by 3%. , rebounded to 21.6 billion US dollars.
Wal-Mart ranked first for four consecutive years, with revenues of US$485.87 billion in 2016, up 0.8% year-on-year.
The only new entry into the top ten camp is the insurance and investment group Berkshire Hathaway, which Warren Buffett is in charge of. Nearly three-quarters of Berkshire’s revenue now comes from business operations rather than financial investments, and there is progress in breaking away from Buffett’s aura.
In addition to the top five Apple companies, the top five in China's top five “occupied” profit list , the rest are Chinese commercial banks – Industrial and Commercial Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank and Bank of China. But for them, it seems that profits and scale are difficult to achieve, and the income of these five companies, including Apple, has fallen sharply.
According to the total assets, ICBC ranked first. In terms of ROE, the top rankings among Chinese companies are Huawei, Midea, Tencent, Geely and Vanke. Among them, the United States is the first Chinese appliance company to enter the Fortune Global 500 for the first time last year. This year is still the only company listed in the industry. Fang Hongbo, the chairman and president of the company, was named "Chinese Merchant of the Year" by Fortune (Chinese version) earlier this year.
In addition, the largest number of employees are Wal-Mart and PetroChina, with 2.3 million and 1.51 million employees respectively. The fastest of the top 50 companies last year was Amazon, which was ranked 18th. Three of the top 10 companies that have jumped the fastest in the list last year are from mainland China. They are: China Minmetals (up 203), HNA Group (up 183) and China Evergrande (up 158) .
The number of companies listed on the list of 115 companies in China has increased for the 14th consecutive year, reaching 115 this year.
Among them, mainland China (including Hong Kong, excluding Taiwan) is 109 companies.
Ten Chinese companies were listed for the first time. They are: Anbang Insurance Group, Hengli Group, Sunshine Financial Control, Alibaba, Country Garden, Tencent, Suning Yunshang, Xiamen Jianfa Group, Guomao Holding Group and Xinjiang Guanghui.
The newest companies in the list are trade (3), followed by two companies from Internet services and retail – Alibaba and Tencent. Country Garden is the only real estate company on the list.
Judging from other countries on the list, the United States has 132 companies this year and 51 in Japan. Although China is far ahead of Japan in the number of listed companies, in addition to the financial industry, the country is listed in 10 electronics and communications industry companies and 10 automotive manufacturing companies, from innovative capabilities. Advantageous industries; in contrast, in addition to the financial industry, the largest industry distribution in China is 19 energy, refining, mining companies and 14 real estate, engineering and construction companies. However, it is worth mentioning this year: With Alibaba, Tencent on the list, and Jingdong, which was listed for the first time last year, China and the United States, each of the world's six Internet service companies, each account for half. The three in the United States are Amazon, Google's parent company Alphabet, and the new social media giant Facebook this year.

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