High-multiplying foam fire extinguisher safety and operating rules for industry and trade companies

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1. High-expansion foam fire extinguisher is an explosion-proof fire-fighting equipment, and inspection of explosion-proof performance should be strictly performed before going down.

2. When using a high-expansion fire extinguisher to extinguish fire, a high-bubble fire extinguishing plan shall be formulated on the basis of the overall layout of the disaster relief scope, drawing the installation position of the unit and schematic diagrams of the lines for supplying wind, water supply, power supply and foam, and conducting the rescue command. After the approval of the Ministry, it can be implemented.

3. All electromechanical equipment (fans, pumps, junction boxes, switches, cables, etc.) of the fire extinguishing unit shall not be allowed to carry live or move over the well.

4. The extinguishing unit should be mounted at a suitable point as close to the fire source, the roadway HangingWall sturdy, supporting good, easy to water, electricity supply, air is greater than 250 m 3 / min, and the supply is greater than 15 m 3 / hr.

5. The crew members must be trained by qualified personnel who have skillful operation skills and troubleshooting skills, as well as responsible ambulance crews.

6. The installation of the fire extinguishing unit must meet the following requirements:

6.1 All joints of the front foam generator of the fire extinguisher to the final fan must be tightly locked with rubber gaskets. No gaps are allowed. Ventilator, water pump input cable and connection socket must be hung on the roadway to help, it is forbidden to pile up on the floor to avoid wet short circuit.

6.2 The overall connection of the unit must be in a straight line, and be fixed in a stable position in the foaming position, and there should also be a flow slope of 5/1000;

6.3 The baffle sealing wall shall be firm and solid. The top shall be provided with a 300*2000 mm observation hole (sealed with a glass plate). On the pedestrian side, there shall be a 0.5 x 0.8 meter lock door. When foaming up the mountain, the bubble retaining wall shall be sealed and reinforced reverse, prevent the foam backpressure destroyed;

6.4 Check whether the installation of the foam net is firm, and whether the nozzle is aligned with the center; whether the rotation of the nozzle impeller and the spray area adjustment sleeve is flexible, and adjust the spraying area of ​​the nozzle;

6.5 Check whether the filter screen of the inlet of the submersible pump is firm and the depth of the pump body sinking into the water surface should not be less than 200 mm;

6.6 Check whether the position indicator of the suction amount control valve of the suction pipe is at the position of the calibration mark, and whether there is a position due to the handling touch;

6.7 Check whether the connection of the power cord, hose, and water meter is firm and there are no errors.

7. The operating procedures of the fire extinguishing unit must comply with the following regulations:

7.1 After the unit is turned on, it must first perform a short-term extension test to check whether the fan and the pump are operating normally, whether the water supply line is unblocked, and whether there is leakage or leakage of electricity.

7.2 When the power-on command is received, it must be turned on in the following order:

1 open fan; 2 open water pump; 3 will be inserted into the drug suction tube drug suction barrel foam.

7.3 In normal foaming, the unit should closely monitor the water pressure gauge and the water column meter, and observe whether the issued foam meets the requirements of the fire extinguishing standards through the observation hole to judge the transport condition of the foam in the roadway.

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