Attention to anti-aphid disease during persimmon ripening

After the "Liuqiu", the persimmon fruit began to enter into a large color-changing period, and the peel became thinner, which easily infected with anthracnose, causing dark brown-stained water-stained rot lesions on the fruit surface, causing the fruit to rot and deteriorate. Reduce production and reduce quality. Therefore, during the expansion of the persimmon fruit, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention and control of anthracnose to protect the fruit.

Control method: During the period of swelling and color ripening of persimmon fruit, pay attention to checking the fruit of persimmon tree. It is found that when there are individual brown fruits with dark brown depression type watery rot rot spots on the plants, it is necessary to spray 1500 times 45% of the leaves. Aqueous solution of fresh amine emulsifiable concentrate or 1500 times 10% diphenyl ether carbozone water dispersing granule aqueous solution, 600 times 25% prochloraz emulsifiable water solution, 600 times 60% dexamethasone wettable powder aqueous solution, 700 times 70% propargyl zinc Wet powder aqueous solution, 800 times 80% mancozeb wettable powder aqueous solution, 1500 times 46.1% copper hydroxide wettable powder aqueous solution, 600 times 20% thiabium copper emulsifiable water solution, etc., spray once every 10~15 days Spray continuously for 2~3 times, evenly spray all the branches and leaves inside and outside the canopy to start dripping with water drops. In case of raining within 4 hours after spraying, it should be re-sprayed once to improve the control effect. Because of harm

The anthracnose of persimmon fruit is highly resistant to drugs and is easy to produce drug resistance. Therefore, the agents should be used alternately. Do not use the same agent multiple times in succession to avoid drug resistance and reduce the control effect. If it can be sprayed with 0.3%~0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution in the liquid solution, the effect is better, which can not only enhance the effect of sterilization and treatment, improve the control effect, but also enhance the disease resistance and accelerate the recovery of diseased tissues. Normal growth, can also supplement nutrients from the foliage, promote fruit expansion and color ripening, increase yield and improve quality. (Huang Jianan)

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