What is a two-hole faucet? Double hole faucet purchase method

The two-hole faucet is loved by many people. What is a two-hole faucet? The double-opening faucet has the advantages of water saving, durability, humanization, easy cleaning, environmental protection and convenience. How can I buy a good two-hole faucet? Here is a brief introduction to the purchase method of the two-hole faucet.

What is a two-hole faucet?

Double tap

Although the faucet is small, its importance is unquestionable. The faucets on the market are even dazzling. At present, the single-inlet faucet has been eliminated on the market, and the double-inlet type is used, and the double-hole refers to the basin. Two holes reserved on the hole, the hole distance is 150MM, the aperture is 20MM, which is subdivided into the following two categories:

1. Single handle double hole: control one cold and one hot two water inlet by one handle faucet

2, double handle double hole: two handles respectively control the hot and cold water inlet

Double hole faucet purchase

1. Look at the appearance: The good faucet is very particular about the surface chrome plating process, which is usually completed after several processes. The smoother the surface, the brighter the better the quality.

2, turn handle: good faucet when turning the handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it is easy to open and not slip. Inferior faucets not only have large gaps, but also have a large sense of resistance.

3, listening to the sound: the material of the faucet is the most difficult to distinguish. The good faucet is the overall cast copper, which makes the sound dull. If the sound is very brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be worse.

4, identification mark: If it is not resolved, you can choose a regular brand. Generally, regular products have the brand identity of the manufacturer, while some informal products or some quality products are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any mark. Consumers must pay attention when purchasing.

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