Intelligent door lock security function is not required for independent individuals

HC Security Network News years ago, the industry kind of consensus, China's smart home, aiming at the future. When time goes into 2017, it can be said that the future of smart home has arrived. Especially last year, according to relevant statistics, the sales volume of smart locks reached 3 million. It can be seen that smart home products represented by smart locks quickly infiltrated into households. Moreover, more and more enterprises have entered the smart home market, building intercom manufacturers, Internet companies, and traditional home appliance companies. This booming market has made more and more people rush.

Intelligent door lock security function is not independent, it needs to be used together.

Many users have great doubts about the security function of smart door locks. They think that the smart door lock security function is more to fool consumers. In fact, smart door locks have functions such as duress alarm, unlock SMS notification, etc. These are security functions. Knowing the intelligent door lock security features should be clear.

First, smart door locks generally use materials such as zinc alloy or aluminum alloy, which can effectively prevent the violence from opening;

Second, because the material of the smart door lock is strong, it is difficult for the thief to open the lock within one minute;

Third, the smart door lock has the function of mobile phone monitoring. When the shrinking head encounters a violent tap or shackle, the mobile phone will have an alert.

Fourth, if you want to use the smart door lock security function to maximize the effect, it is best to use it with your home's smart security equipment. For example: infrared anti-theft device.

For residential homes, infrared burglar protection is a security option that is both safe and does not affect the field of view. Nowadays, many smart security products on the market offer features that are very eye-catching: 365 days, 24 hours of continuous protection, providing high-definition network digital monitoring system, alarm system, automatic identification system, electric anti-theft roller blind system four solutions. The owner can remotely observe the image of the closed-circuit monitoring point in the room through the touch screen, and support the image playback function; the multiple defense lines are armed, and in case of emergency, the system will automatically alarm and connect with the owner and the property management center to assist in the arrest. Unauthorized intruders. Smart door locks work better with such security devices.

The security function of the intelligent door lock is not an independent individual, and it can be used to the best effect with the smart home security full set of equipment.

Editor in charge: Zhang Zequn

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