How to solve the problem of short life of intelligent infrared camera infrared lamp

The continuous network, high-definition and intelligent security products make intelligent infrared cameras become the leader in monitoring the market night vision. Although the intelligent infrared camera has an irreplaceable position in the market, it still has some problems in its use, which hinders its development. Today, I will introduce you to the short-life problem of the infrared light of the infrared smart camera and how to solve the problem.
Infrared smart camera

Infrared lamp life problem and its solution:
From the perspective of the external red light, increasing life and increasing distance are often contradictory. Because if the manufacturer needs to increase the illumination distance of the infrared lamp, it is necessary to increase the power of the infrared lamp, and increasing the power will inevitably shorten the life of the infrared lamp. Some manufacturers deliberately increase the power of the infrared lamp in order to blindly pursue the distance of the infrared lamp. The life of the infrared lamp is greatly reduced. Moreover, as the power increases, the internal temperature of the camera increases, making the camera vulnerable to damage, resulting in a vicious circle.

Under this circumstance, we can't increase the supply current to increase the brightness of the infrared lamp and make it work overload. Although the infrared performance is optimized on the surface, it seriously affects the life decay of the infrared lamp. To improve the life of the infrared lamp, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the infrared lamp is not loaded, and the effective distance is ensured by increasing the number of infrared lamps while not being loaded; some manufacturers adopt high-conductivity materials such as aluminum substrates and increase the air-cooling devices. Use, increase the size of the outer casing, etc. to increase the heat dissipation capacity of the fuselage, thereby improving the life.

In the circuit control part, some manufacturers adopt the pulse width modulation law to keep the infrared lamp current constant, thereby reducing the heat of the infrared lamp to achieve the purpose of extending the life. After the pulse width adjustment law is adopted, no matter how the external input current fluctuates, the current entering the infrared lamp through the circuit is very stable, thereby ensuring that the infrared lamp exerts its maximum efficiency and prolongs the life.

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