Anti-theft fingerprint code lock really anti-theft? You have to look at these points

Said anti-theft fingerprint code lock, then fingerprint code lock really anti-theft?

Fingerprint lock is a kind of high-tech intelligent product. It is made by using advanced technology. Its powerful function and various unlocking methods. Nowadays, society is an impetuous society, and people's patience is becoming less and less. Fingerprint combination lock, a high-tech product, is very suitable for people's fast-paced life. Therefore, it is used by more and more people.

Fingerprint locks are convenient, powerful, and fashionable. They have won high praise, but at the same time some discordant voices have appeared. “Smart locks are the most unsafe” “Fingerprint locks use high-tech systems because they are There will be loopholes in the system and it is very dangerous. ""Fingerprint password locks are not anti-theft". It was these voices that used a popular science approach to brainwash some people who did not know the truth. They believed that fingerprint code locks had no anti-theft function.


In fact, there is no anti-theft lock fingerprint lock products can also be called a "lock" it? This is certainly not, and the emergence of each product is required to be strictly tested by the state. Can a lock with no anti-theft function appear on the market through national inspections? Certainly not, but there are anti-theft, but how the anti-theft capability is related to the work of the lock.

There are always some good and bad products in each market. There are also good merchants and black-hearted businesses. We can only distinguish one by short contact. Just like the fingerprint lock, because the zinc alloy has the functions of high temperature resistance, good heat conduction and anti-corrosion, the lock body material used in the market is zinc alloy, so some manufacturers use plastic to reduce the cost, and then they are plated on the surface. A layer of color, it looks almost like zinc alloy, this kind of general non-professional is generally difficult to see. Like this is poor anti-theft capability.

In general, zinc alloy is used for the lock body, and the material of the lock cylinder is stainless steel. This anti-theft capability is relatively strong. And the more locks the bullets have, the higher the anti-snaking ability, so when you buy it, you must not only look at whether the material is plastic, but also the number of marbles.

So, the fingerprint code lock is not without the anti-theft ability, but sees what kind of fingerprint lock you buy, must buy the time to polish the eye.

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