Destruction of the safe competition in 1867

In 1867, a famous destruction safe tournament was held at the Paris International Exhibition.

At the time, one of the exhibit's exhibitors, New York's safe manufacturer Silas C. Herring, posted on his bank safe the challenge books for all the exhibitors participating in the fair, to compete with their counterparts' products. Samuel Chatwood expressed willingness to accept the challenge, but the prerequisite is that only ordinary damage tools can be used.

On the day of the test, Chatwood's people brought hammers, wedges, and a combinable bolt tool. Herring hired a German with an unsuspecting excuse and brought a series of huge tools to participate in the test. These tools included a screwdriver rack with a ratchet wrench, a 20-pound sledgehammer, and a 20-pound steel wedge. A 6 foot long sled, weighing a total of 469 pounds. The Chatwood tool is only 145 pounds. For the sake of fairness, the adjudicator asked Herring to reduce his tools by a half, but Herring still kept me, and still retain the above-mentioned tools.

The test began at 2:45 pm on the agreed date and lasted 5 hours. The Herring-employed German used a drill to break the door in the unsuccessful strategy of taking the lock, but the drill still failed to penetrate the “cross-section” steel and had to give up after drilling for a number of times and then tried to A corner joint was opened in front of the box but it failed as well. Finally, they used the heaviest steel wedges, "cold action tools" and 20-pound sledgehammers to cut the safe junctions. With the help of a 6-foot long sled, they opened a large enough hole to the inner safe. The entire time spent 232 minutes.

The operator of Chatwood was an employee of his company and they began to use a wedge to break along the middle of the door (this is a two-door safe). In 29 minutes they opened two doors. Then, they began to destroy the inner safe and drilled an opening that was enough to reach into it, but the test block could not pass through this opening. Although the task could be completed with just a few more taps, the committee decided to continue the game the next morning because it was already very late.

The next morning, the Chartwood person completely removed and destroyed the front of Herring safe within four minutes of the start. The time to challenge the outer safe was 29 minutes, and the inner layer used 225 minutes. The entire time was 254 minutes. The time Herring used to break Chatwood Safe was 232 minutes. As a result, Herring was ruled to win.

However, two British judges later found out that in the agreement, Herring's submission had many serious mistakes compared to Chatwood's, omitting many words. His intention was to mislead Chatwood and his companions, and he considered the referee to be unfair. The game evolved into an intrigue. The following year, a trial was held in Paris for the suit and the original ruling was declared invalid. Herring was responsible for all costs.

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