Aluminium Foil Tape Shear Machine Features High Level of Installation

[China Aluminum Network] discusses the two stages of sintering (that is, evaporation and vitrification into porcelain). The free water in the evaporating period and the water on the surface of the material have been basically removed during the drying and drying process. Evaporation period refers to the removal of water of crystallization of the foam and the material. After sintering, the strength of the filter plate will be reduced, and even become waste products. A large amount of crystal water escapes from the material, and dissolution and diffusion occur between the low melting point and the user's three components of the material.

The ideal reaction is to generate fine aluminum aluminosilicates between the various components of the pellets, bonding the particles together to form a low-adhesion product. The amount of vitreous body should not be too much, according to the strict calculation of the ingredients. If the heating speed is too high at this stage, the ceramic layer will be destroyed, which will reduce the density and reduce the strength of the product. The industrial test proved that the foam ceramic filter plate developed by us has good filtration performance and good heat spread performance, achieving the intended purpose.

Conclusion (l) The main technical index of foam ceramic filter plates developed is 2.47 MPa, which is better than that of purchased products. The ceramic filter plate has a flat appearance, regular shape, no cracks, dregs, and other defects. Moreover, the pores are uniform and the blind hole rate is low. (2) After the porcelain paste is coiled, the cross-section is neat and the inside and the outside are elastic and consistent, and it meets the relevant national standards; after thinning, the thin strip material has no obvious indentation.

As a result of the introduction of the disc knife cutting method and the second shear. Thus, while expanding the shear range of the thick box shearer, it also significantly improves the product yield. In addition, compared with the traditional thick box shears, the aluminum foil shearing machine has features such as high installation level, high machine speed, narrow shear width, large coil diameter, and good quality of cut coiling. Of course, further development of high-speed, precision, high-automation aluminum tip shears will be the development trend of future aluminum box shears.

Longish Stone Texture PU Sandwich Panels

Rich selection of textures and colors meet different decoration requirements, giving the city and the buildings a new look.
The PU foam is the most advanced and eco-friendly insulation material in the world. With the help of the back aluminum foil, the thermal preservation effect achieves the best.
The unique structure prevents the heat loss in winter. Meanwhile it reduces the heat of the summer sunshine.
Aceta paintcoat and flurocarbon paint of weather resistance performance are applied on surface of wall panel. It is reserved with superior self-cleaning, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and acid& alkali resistance performance.
Light weight with 3.7Kgs/m2 makes the installation easy.
The installation process is clean and tidy without any noise and dust, construction waste.
Different selections of accessories meet different effects.
High quality and stable performance: Manufactured in CNC automation production line, the product pass rate can reach 99.9% with stable chemical structure and physical structure.

Longish Stone Texture Pu Sandwich Panels

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