University students' awareness of notebook security is not strong

University students' awareness of notebook security is not strong

The Saihan District Public Security Sub-bureau notified the media of a series of theft of campus dormitory computer cases. Four of the main criminal suspects who entered the room and five suspects who purchased stolen goods were all captured by the police and detained by the police.

Case handling ** Transferred video surveillance in the stolen dormitory corridor. The monitoring recorded the entire process of criminal suspects committing the crime: the criminal suspect stole two laptops during the first theft, and the fourth theft, continuous Open five or six dormitories, used a travel bag to go outside to steal a computer, steal more than 10 units at a time, and several people were talking and laughing while walking.

In today's universities, laptop computers have become almost essential supplies. The utilization rate of college students' notebook computers is more than 80%, and the use of computer software is required for computer applications, financial accounting, and garden design, and student laptops. The ownership rate is even 100%.

The number of laptops on campus has increased year by year, but due to weak security awareness and other reasons, laptop computers have been frequently stolen. In some colleges and universities, the number of stolen laptops accumulated over the past few years has been extremely alarming. It has become one of the most dissatisfied campus safety issues among teachers and students and has become one of the hot topics in college security work in recent years.

The main reason for the theft of laptops is the poor awareness of university students in safety and security, the lack of responsibility of duty personnel, the lag in technological prevention measures, and the existence of social theft gangs.

On the same day of the Saihan District Public Security Bureau passage case, Zhan University, 3 laptop computers and several hundred yuan of cash were stolen on the same day in the male dormitory. At present, the police have already involved in this investigation. It is understood that the stolen dormitory dormitory in the school men's dormitory, the laptop lost in the afternoon of October 13th is the school sophomore. According to one of the school’s classmates, this is not the first time that a school laptop has been stolen. “At the end of September, two laptops and a cell phone were lost in our school girls’ dorm.” Surprisingly, the computer’s lost time was during the student’s class, and the doors and cabinets of the dormitory were locked. It was opened directly.

In recent years, the campus security issue has also received the attention of many colleges and universities. For security reasons, some colleges and universities have installed cameras in the dormitory building below the dormitory. However, because of the special nature of the college dormitory, the school generally does not choose to install a camera in the dormitory corridor. This way, there will still be many thieves taking the risk. There will even be a few students collaborating and committing crimes inside and outside. This makes it difficult for college students to prevent it.

How can colleges and universities protect college students' private property to the greatest extent? Intelligent security has become the choice of many universities.

It is reported that IOT Sensing has cooperated with many colleges and universities and started to carry out pilot work on campus smart security to protect the safety of students living on campus. Taking the security of the dormitory area as an example, the traditional security factor of the Door Lock is poor, and the thief can open the lock using technical means for a few seconds. Instead, the traditional door lock is replaced by a cloud smart lock, which is anti-pull and anti-pull, and each time the switch is Leave a record and store it in the cloud. If you are violently attacked by criminals, you will upload alarm information in time.

Or use magnetic sensor, when the dormitory door is opened illegally, dormitory management personnel and dormitory members will receive the alarm information. The student puts valuables in the drawer of the security cloud drawer lock. If there is no authorization from the owner, the drawer will be opened and the owner will receive an alarm. An intrusion detector can solve the problem for lawbreakers who want to turn in from the open balcony.

For the whole dormitory area, it is relatively passive, and traditional monitoring is easy to damage. With the cloud smart camera, suspicious molecules can be automatically identified. For example, if someone detects that someone is in a dormitory area, or if something unexpected happens, an alarm message will be sent immediately and all the video surveillance data will be uploaded to the cloud in real time.

In addition, the system also takes into account the student's electricity safety issues, to prevent accidents such as trips, fires and other accidents to ensure the safety of students.

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