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The decoration of wallpaper as a wall decoration is increasingly accepted by consumers, and it has set off a new wave of decoration and beautifying the home. The use of wallpaper as a wall decoration method is becoming more and more common.

In the concept of many owners, wallpaper has always been synonymous with high-end decoration. It is widely believed that “the wallpaper is nice but too expensive”, which leads most households to use relatively cheap latex paint when decorating the wall. However, in the last two years, the large-scale production of wallpapers in China and the intensified sales competition have led to a sharp drop in the price of wallpapers. Many newly opened wallpaper stores have launched products that are more economical than latex paints. Consumers can use them. With less cost, you can buy products with excellent quality and quality. Industry insiders said that the era of affordable wallpaper has arrived.

The origin of the wallpaper was very early, and early wallpapers appeared in Europe in the 14th century. In the 15th century, expensive leather walls appeared. In the 18th century, the first paper wallpapers that were originally made in the UK appeared on the market. Since then, wallpapers have become popular around the world. Especially in modern times, with the development of technology, the variety, material and performance of wallpapers have been greatly improved. The new wallpapers are not only colorful, but also easy to install and clean.

In recent years, the domestic wallpaper industry has developed rapidly, and many wallpaper brands have appeared in the decoration building materials market. The price of the wallpaper is also falling due to industry competition, and more people are more willing to choose wallpaper when they are decorating. The use of wallpaper will become the mainstream of wall decoration. In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, more than 60% of households use wallpaper.

Many consumers believe that painting is the most affordable way of wall treatment because it is inexpensive. However, industry insiders said that compared with wallpaper, some latex paints seem to have a slightly better price, but for a long time, wallpapers are actually more affordable.

The price of wallpaper varies from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. According to the salesperson, "the price of wallpaper is becoming more and more reasonable. In the past, if you want to decorate the whole wall with wallpaper, the cost is several times higher than that of latex paint. For example, 60 The square meter house needs about 2,000 yuan of latex paint. If you use wallpaper, it costs about 5,000 yuan. This price keeps many low-budget consumers out of the door, but now with the variety of wallpapers, it offers many different price points. The choice, the overall budget price of using the wallpaper is relatively reasonable, and the consumers who use the wallpaper naturally have more." In addition, in the mid-range wallpaper, the price of a roll of wallpaper is about 100 to 200 yuan, according to the small volume. The wallpaper is 5 square meters, and the price per square meter is 20-50 yuan. If you encounter a big discount, some good wallpapers, the price per square meter will even be as low as 10 yuan.

The increasingly environmentally friendly wallpaper is another important reason why wallpapers are becoming more common. There are many kinds of wallpapers on the market, such as pure paper wallpaper, plastic wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, metal wallpaper and so on. According to the sales staff, the common ones are generally pure paper wallpapers and plastic wallpapers (PVC wallpapers). With the “green decoration” becoming an inevitable trend of decoration, wallpapers are also developing towards environmentally friendly materials. According to professionals, non-woven wallpaper is the most popular new green wallpaper material in the world. It is a non-woven fabric made of natural plant fibers such as cotton and linen. It does not contain any PVC, polyethylene and Chlorine, when it is completely burned, produces only carbon dioxide and water. It has no strong black smoke and irritating odor when it is burned by chemical elements. The decorative effect is very good.

The person in charge of the wallpaper said that the normal use time of the wallpaper is 7-8 years. Latex paint takes 2-3 years to repaint, especially when the door frame touches more people, the latex paint is more dirty, but the wallpaper is easy to scrub. In the long run, the cost of both inputs is comparable. In addition, we have a lot of low-priced wallpapers, the color is very good to ensure the quality, the cheapest is only 8 blocks and a square meter, which is cheaper than many latex paints.

At the same time, industry experts said that as the wallpaper market goes to open and flat prices, some inferior products are also beginning to flood the market. Consumers should be different when choosing wallpapers. It is recommended to buy mature well-known brands and stable businesses.

The big brand not only guarantees the environmental quality of the wallpaper, but also provides customers with special accessories and professional construction guidance to optimize the life and actual paving effect of the wallpaper. Secondly, high-quality wallpaper products usually use excellent pure wood pulp paper or velvet fiber as the base material, which has no adverse effects on the human body, and the gas permeability and sound absorption effect are better than the paint.

At the same time, many consumers can't fully consider the reasonable combination of wallpaper color and material when choosing their own wallpaper. Experts suggest that when buying wallpapers, listen to the designer or professional wallpaper sales staff advice, not only consider the color of the wallpaper, but also consider the entire decoration style, color and furniture accessories. Make the wallpaper really play its decorative edge.

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