China's mining industry is reloading under the new normal

Summary of significant increase in mineral resources reserves, China is undoubtedly increase under the new normal economic clout to expand, while global mining industry "Chill period", but also provided a rare opportunity for China to march docking overseas natural resources in international oil prices fell below 90 The dollar and the advance to 80 dollars, 1...
The increase in reserves of important mineral resources has undoubtedly increased China's economic expansion under the new normal, and the “ice cold period” of the global mining industry has provided a rare opportunity for China to make great strides in docking overseas natural resources. The international oil price fell below US$90. At the beginning of the $80 advancement, on October 21, the Ministry of Land and Resources released the China Mineral Resources Report at the 2014 China International Mining Conference. According to the white paper, China added 3.947 billion tons of oil and 2.3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, which are 12.57% and 25.3% of the accumulated proven reserves in the past.
Oil is the most important and noble resource in the mining industry. The industry generally believes that the increase in reserves of important mineral resources will undoubtedly increase China's economic expansion under the new normal conditions, and the “ice cold period” of the global mining industry provides a rare opportunity for China to make great strides in docking overseas natural resources.
In this regard, can China grasp it? Overseas mining powers show China As the Minister of Land and Resources, Jiang Daming has always been very low-key, has been working in the Ministry for more than a year, and rarely participates in various activities. For the China International Mining Conference, he has attended high-profile for two consecutive years, which is intended to make this mining international event an indispensable bridge for China's economic cooperation.
Faced with government officials, experts and scholars from more than 50 countries and regions, and facing more than 400 Chinese and foreign exhibitors and some financial institutions, Jiang Daming issued the “Enhanced Mining Innovation Driven Development Capability and Joint Development of New Mining Development Space”. Strong tone.
Behind Jiang Daming’s strong voice, there is a background that affects the trend of the industry. The current global continuation of recovery is good, but the growth base is still not consolidated, and the growth pattern is still unbalanced. At the same time, China's economic development has shown a phased feature of the growth rate shift period, the structural adjustment pain period and the “three phases” of the digestive period of the previous stimulus policy. It is entering the transition from high-speed growth to medium-speed growth, and improving quality and efficiency. The new normal of the upgrade.
As an important driving force for global economic development, the mining industry shoulders the heavy responsibility of promoting recovery and growth, as well as the pressure of transformation and upgrading. "Promoting the realization of respect for the scientific development of economic laws, respecting the sustainable development of natural laws, and respecting the inclusive development of social laws, this requires more cooperation between China and foreign countries." Jiang Daming stressed.
It is noteworthy that as early as June this year, the fifth APEC meeting of mining ministers was held in Beijing, and reached broad consensus on close mining cooperation, promoting mining transformation and growth, promoting minerals trade and mining investment liberalization.
Or because of the basis of such a premise, or because of the global downturn in mining, the big countries with rich resources in the mining industry have turned their eyes to China. South Africa's Minister of Mineral Resources Ramat Lodi, Russian Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Helamov, Canadian Ambassador to China Zhao Pu, and Chilean Ambassador to China He George have all attended the Mining International Conference.
Helamov said at the conference that the Russian Federation has adopted the National Geological Mineral Resources Development Program before 2030, and its Far East mineral resources are very rich in reserves. China is welcome to invest.
Ramat Lodi is not to be outdone. According to him, in addition to foreign cooperation in the traditional mining sector, the country has to develop oil and natural gas in several new regions, and looks forward to deepening cooperation with China.
Lightly loaded and waiting to be solved At the international mining conference, the strategic choice of China's mining future development has become a focus of attention in the industry.
According to the China Mineral Resources Report, since the two important resource reserves of oil and natural gas have increased, the new mineral reserves of iron ore have reached 9.25 billion tons, the copper mine has increased by 15.07 million tons, and the bauxite has increased by 280 million tons. It increased by 2,395 tons, tungsten oxide added 1.74 million tons of tungsten oxide, and molybdenum mine added 11.05 million tons.
However, these extraordinary mining achievements have given economic experts a heavy consideration after Song Hao’s joy, even though China has realized that it can no longer maintain the economic aggregate in a way that is almost plundered by natural resources. The increase, but the pressure on the mining industry has not reduced much.
This pressure comes from China's “enclosure” of the current 17 overcapacity sectors. The restructuring, mergers and acquisitions or eliminations that must be introduced in industries such as steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, electrolytic aluminum, shipbuilding, heavy chemicals, photovoltaics, cement, and textiles will inevitably directly affect the upstream of mineral resources.
"The economy is entering a new normal, which is a new challenge for the overall development of China's mining industry. This is not a simple adjustment, no painstaking, painful changes, China's mining industry can not embrace sustainable development." Xiang Songyi said.
For the construction of a unified, open, competitive and orderly mining market, the Ministry of Land and Resources is constantly making new efforts and new attempts. While it is worthy of full affirmation, how to let the vast number of mining enterprises go into battle in the transition and strengthen the domestic and overseas markets, this is a new proposition left to the Ministry of Land and Resources and Jiang Daming.

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