Expert reminder: Be wary of robots' low-end production capacity disorderly expansion

“Beware of the unpredictable expansion of low-end production capacity of robots”, this is the latest remark made by Song Xiaogang, executive director of China Robot Industry Alliance.
Song Xiaogang said that if the industrialization capacity is not strong, if the production capacity is blindly expanded, the produced robot products can only gather in the low-end and mid-end applications for price competition, which will restrict the progress and development of the entire industry.
Song Xiaogang believes that China's current robot innovation capability is not enough. The core technologies and key components have not yet formed industrial strength. Many technologies have not achieved breakthroughs. Most of the robots produced by domestic manufacturers can only be used for general machining, assembly, and handling. Not too high a field of application. In the field of mature applications such as automobiles and electronics, the market is basically monopolized by foreign brands.
In this case, the expansion of low-end capacity is worrying. Song Xiaogang said that at least 30 places in the country have entered the robot industry by establishing industrial parks and other means, and the robot industry has shown signs of disorderly expansion of low-end production capacity. It is hoped that the state will introduce policies to support the research and development of key components of robots and the integration of system integration technologies, while guiding the industry to avoid disorderly competition.

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