The unified coding and identification of auto parts has been completed.

Abstract "The uniform coding of parts means that the information on the use of auto parts will be further transparent in the future, and the upward monopoly of car parts can be further broken, and the downtime of auto parts city can be avoided. For the entire industry chain...
"Unified coding of parts means that the information on the use of auto parts will be further transparent in the future. The upward monopoly of car parts can be further broken, and the downtime of auto parts city can be avoided. For the entire industry chain, it is a useful norm.

“It seems that breaking the monopoly of spare parts channels has taken a substantial step forward.” Yan Jinghui, deputy general manager of Beijing Beichen Asian Games Village Auto Trading Market Center, expressed his heartfelt feelings.

On the 18th, led by the Ministry of Transport, the United Nations Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security and other 10 ministries and commissions participated in the examination and approval of the "Guiding on the promotion of the transformation of the automobile maintenance industry to improve the quality of service guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") officially released The "Opinions" put forward a number of encouragement plans and safeguard measures for the series of chaos such as poor structure, unregulated development and opaque information in the auto repair industry. One of them is to "establish and implement a vehicle maintenance technology information disclosure system" The second is to "break the monopoly of repair parts channels."

It seems to be in line with the above two measures. On September 17, the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association and the China Article Numbering Center jointly announced in Beijing that the "Consultation Draft for Auto Parts and Coding and Labeling" has been completed and has been reported to the relevant state departments. The review will be expected to be introduced at the end of the year.

"Unified coding of parts means that the information on the use of auto parts will be further transparent in the future. The upward monopoly of car parts can be further broken, and the downtime of auto parts city can be avoided. For the entire industry chain, it is a useful norm." In the automotive industry analyst Feng Shiming.

"The current situation is that the same component product, the vehicle manufacturer has the code of the whole vehicle enterprise, the production company has the code of the production enterprise, and the after-sales system has a special code. For example, Bosch supplies parts for Mercedes-Benz. After entering the 4S system, 4S employees can only see the code of Mercedes-Benz, and do not know the original code.” Qian Wei, the founder of PNSEEK, an online car after-sales service platform, told reporters. “This creates a problem. For example, if a component is broken, it may be troublesome for the owner to purchase the corresponding model parts from an outside repair shop or an e-commerce platform, because even the same product has different sources and different codes.” Feng Shiming said. This asymmetry of information provides a realistic basis for OEMs to monopolize after-sales parts.

At the same time, "auto parts and different car brands must have different codes for cooperation. One accessory must have 40 codes when entering 40 companies, which will bring a large cost burden to auto parts companies. These burdens are finally passed on to consumption. On the body," said Zhang Chenghai, secretary general of the China Article Numbering Center.

The so-called "standard parts of spare parts", according to Wei Tongwei, secretary-general of the Automobile Maintenance Parts Working Committee of the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, tried to unify the different types of similar products existing between different manufacturers by referring to foreign standards. Encoding makes it standard. In his view, this method can break the existing vehicle sales price and the price system of after-sales parts, and further solve the problem of high price and maintenance cost in the automobile industry. "In theory, this idea is correct, but at the implementation level, it may encounter a lot of detailed 'tests', such as sorting according to major categories, such as bearings, spark plugs, etc., or refining each of the above. Screws, each component to distinguish? In addition, how the code will be carried on the product, how consumers and social repair agencies to obtain the coded information, also need to be refined." Feng Shiming said. In addition, in Qian Wei's view, how to effectively unify the above three codes, that is, what kind of standard is set, there is still room for further discussion.

"Coding is the foundation. With the coding, the above-mentioned vehicle maintenance technology information disclosure system can be more secure." Although the details have yet to be implemented, the above two industry insiders think so.

In the "Opinions", the Ministry of Communications clearly stated: "Since January 1, 2015, enterprises must be authorized to repair enterprises and independent operators (including independent maintenance enterprises, maintenance equipment manufacturing) when new vehicles (including imported vehicles) are listed. Enterprises, maintenance technical training institutions, etc.) disclose the technical information of vehicle maintenance. In the product specification, the vehicle type approval certificate information shall be specified, the technical requirements for emission maintenance shall be specified, and the manufacturer, model and effective service life of key parts for emission control shall be explained. It can be seen that if there is a standardized code, plus the model and manufacturer information disclosed by the company, consumers can select the parts and components by “price selection”.

"Not only for the transparency of hardware information such as spare parts, the above-mentioned 'maintenance technical information' has a wide meaning." Feng Shiming believes that "it should also include corresponding maintenance knowledge and technology. If the policy is really from this On the first floor, when faced with the requirements of enterprises, the impact on the existing system will be even greater. On the one hand, powerful social auto repair enterprises can grasp the repair specifications and processes of more core components through the above-mentioned open technical materials. On the one hand, some independent brands can also carry out the model bidding, and accelerate the learning and absorption in technology.” It is understood that before this, 4S stores can “lock” consumers in their own business areas, to a large extent. It is due to the technical closure of the OEM.

"Even for very small parts such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the information will be recorded by the computer board. After the fault occurs, only the professional equipment will read the information on the computer board, and the fault will be clear at a glance." One was in Mercedes-Benz The 4S shop who has worked as a maintenance technician told the reporter, "However, this does not mean that as long as the above equipment is available, the fault can be ascertained." The person added: "Because even if the equipment is mastered, the fault code is not ordinary. Maintenance workers can understand."

“Therefore, if the above two policies can be truly implemented, the first ones must be dealers.” The above-mentioned people all said that the cakes of future dealers may be robbed by competitive social repair shops and may be used as parts. The supplier seized.

However, in the view of the car insurance worry-free chairman and CEO Shuai Yong, this will promote the harmonious symbiosis of the entire industry chain. "As far as I know, 75% of the current auto insurance premiums have been used for parts replacement. Why is it so high? Because the spare parts information is opaque and technically blocked, the 4S system can 'have a price' black box operation." Once unified coding, there is no doubt that a large database has been established for the insurance industry. Through this database, insurance companies can conduct price comparisons very conveniently, and then guide consumers to buy homogeneous low-priced products and enter a qualified social maintenance system.

Although the industry's expectations and response are good, one of the issues that all of us are worried about is the final landing of the policy.

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