Large-scale thin-walled bearing outer ring quenching and tempering process has achieved breaking development

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Large-scale thin-walled bearing outer ring quenching and tempering process has achieved breaking development

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-06-09

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It was established in March of the previous year; it has been improved and perfected over half a year; it has been implemented on a large scale this year; the improvement of the quenching and tempering process of the large-sized thin-walled bearing outer ring of the bearing company has achieved a broken development: deformation reduction; Remove the full inspection and subsequent plastic surgery, stress-relieving process; save time and labor and save money; economic benefits are considerable.
In order to quickly break this bottleneck; in March of last year; the bearing company set up a project team specifically; the primary research content is the heat treatment deformation control of the medium and large thin-walled bearing outer ring. First of all, on the applicable equipment; the project team proposed to use a new roller furnace Replace the mesh belt furnace. Because the former uses radiant heating; it can accurately control the temperature; the heating uniformity is better; the deformation can be greatly reduced. Together; the roller furnace uses nitrogen and propane to protect the atmosphere; the product can be reached by proper oxidation. Ambition hardness; satisfaction is not the same as the customer's needs.
After the new production line of the roller bar furnace is put into operation for a period of time; the problem comes: the workpiece into the furnace requires a special basket; the large standard product deformation share is still high. The project team has drafted the project intention plan; list the progress: Gradually small batch processing; after the process is mature, it will be implemented on a large scale; together with the progress of the moment; also put forward clear target requirements for the amount of falling deformation. Through repeated experiments; on the one hand; optimize the placement method; Directly place the workpiece on the furnace; this way, the amount of single feed is added; the production power is also improved; on the other hand; the project team replaces the quenching oil; the speed and timing of the mixer are set according to the product model; More evenly distributed on the surface of the workpiece; ensure that the required hardness and qualified metallographic arrangement can be reached after quenching; thus better control the amount of deformation. Through these improvements; the subsequent grinding workers reflect very well. They say; new technology Good processing quality; especially the sag is very good.
The outer ring of the bearing is quenched, tempered and other heat treatment; the strength, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and durability of the product can be improved. Once; the bearing equipment of the bearing company uses mesh belt furnace and roller bar furnace to quench and temper; Since then, there have been deformation problems; affecting the quality of ergonomics, especially medium and large-sized products with an outer diameter of more than 150 mm; the deformation is more and more significant. In recent years; the scope of the bearing company's shopping malls has been expanding; from the traditional automotive industry shopping malls to more wind power The scale of emerging industries such as bearings and machine tool bearings; the product standards are getting larger and larger; the outer and outer bearing rings are also more and more. How to deal with the product deformation problems caused by traditional processes; it has become a "big block" that the company urgently needs to deal with. .
Because the deformation is satisfactory; now most of the large and medium-sized products of the bearing company do not need to be fully inspected; plus the two processes of shaping and de-stressing are reduced; in the case of constant production; the product circulation is accelerated; Production power. And; the outer ring of the bearing changes the taper. It is not necessary to save the cost; plastic surgery, inspection process streamlined 5 employees; at least annual savings of 200,000 yuan in salary; together; can be reduced Subsequent shaping and de-stressing will cost 40,000 yuan per year; these savings are considerable.
After more than half a year of exploration and continuous quenching verification; by the end of the previous year; the deformation of the outer ring of the large and thin-walled bearing of the bearing company has basically met the technical standards; the deformation share has dropped by more than 80%.
Nowadays, the company is working on the transformation of the original roller furnace; so that the new process can quickly implement the application. The heat treatment department plan; will be fully implemented in all medium and large products.

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