Metal processing online lecture hall: application method of cutting fluid

Common cutting fluids are used in casting, high pressure cooling and spray cooling:
Pouring method
The pouring method is the most widely used method. It is easy to use and widely used, but the flow rate is slow and the pressure is low. It is difficult to directly enter the maximum temperature of the cutting edge, so the effect is poor. Care should be taken to ensure that the flow is sufficient and the pouring position is as close as possible to the cutting zone. When cutting with different tools, it is better to change the form and number of the sprue according to the shape of the tool and the number of cutting edges, as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 Cutting method of cutting fluid
2. High pressure cooling method
The high pressure cooling method is to spray the cutting fluid to the cutting zone at high pressure (1~10M Pa) and large flow rate (0.8~2.5L·s-1). It is often used for deep hole machining. With high pressure cutting fluid, it can directly approach the cutting. The zone acts as a cooling and lubricating agent, and the broken chips are carried out of the holes with the liquid flow. The high pressure cooling method can also be used for turning high-speed steel turning tools for difficult-to-cut materials, which can significantly improve tool life. The cutting fluid can be used as a general emulsion or as a cutting oil. Due to the high-speed flow of the cutting fluid, the permeability is improved, the cutting zone is easily reached, and the cooling effect is improved. The disadvantage is that the splash is severe and a shield is required.
3. Spray cooling method
In the spray cooling method, the cutting fluid is atomized and sprayed by a spray device using compressed air of 0.3 to 0.6 MPa, and is sprayed at a high speed to the cutting zone. The high-speed airflow carries the cutting fluid atomized into tiny droplets, penetrates into the cutting zone, rapidly vaporizes at high temperature, and absorbs a large amount of heat, thereby obtaining a good cooling effect. This method is suitable for cutting difficult-to-machine materials, but requires special equipment and is noisy. as shown in picture 2.
Figure 2 Schematic diagram of spray cooling device

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