Henan Video Surveillance Construction Management Conference Held

Henan Video Surveillance Construction Management Conference Held

On April 30, the provincial video surveillance construction management conference was held in Handan. Vice Governor Li Ya attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy Director of the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Comprehensive Management Office Liu Xiaoyun chaired the meeting. Sun Jianuo, Cui Xinfang, Ma Daodao, Ma Wanli, Zhang Tingjian, Ren Feng, Chen Fugang, Chen Zhizhong, Lu Yu, Lin Hanbi, Liu Xingbin, Mu Rongguo, Qu Jie, Yang Wensheng Zhang Wuping and other provincial leaders attended the meeting. Leaders of Xiangyang City, Zhao Ruidong, Shen Yanping, Shao Jingliang, and Wang Tianyang, Dean of the Intermediate People’s Court of Xiangyang City, Wang Fenglan, and Procurator of Shiyang Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Shi Langgui, attended the meeting or accompanied them.

Zhao Ruidong, Mayor of Xiangyang, first of all spoke on behalf of the Liyang Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government to extend a warm welcome to the participants and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Xiangyang. He said that in recent years, Liyang has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 18th Party Congress, and has carried out the educational practice of the Party's mass line and the "one-make, double-excellence" event of Liyang City as the impetus. Seize the opportunity of the “three national strategies” of the province, commit to scientific development, catch up with the development, implement the “4321” development strategy in depth, adhere to the “1234” working mentality, create basic advantages, expand the volume structure, and build The mechanism has been revitalized, with early work, quick-drying, and more work. The economic and social development has shown a good momentum. In 2013, the major economic and social indicators of Liyang jumped dramatically, surpassing the average level of the province, and the growth rate of 16 indicators entered the first phalanx of the province. Xiangyang Development has entered the fast lane and has reached a new historical starting point.

Zhao Ruidong pointed out that in recent years, the Xiangyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have taken the social security prevention and control system as a basic project, and have solidly promoted the construction of Pingyang Fuyang. In 2012, Xiangyang City listed the construction of the "Starry Sky" technology prevention system as one of the ten projects for people's livelihood, with the goal of "high-clarity and full coverage of urban areas and all villages" as a goal, making overall planning, increasing investment, and strengthening management, accelerating perfect. At present, cities, counties and townships have invested a total of 480 million yuan in special funds, installed more than 8,000 high-definition video probes, more than 26,000 standard-definition probes, and achieved a “three-tier platform, four-level networking, and high- The goal of clear probe coverage, weaves the “safety net” and “protection net” for the protection of the masses, significantly improves the ability to control public security situations, significantly reduces the number of criminal security cases, and ensures the overall social harmony and stability of the city. In 2013, the survey on the safety of the people and satisfaction with law enforcement ranked first in the province.

Zhao Ruidong emphasized that it is a long-term systematic project to do a good job of building technical defense and build a social security prevention and control system. In the next step, we will use this as an opportunity to conscientiously study and understand the spirit of the conference, learn from the good experiences of our fraternal units, and take the construction of Pingyang as a goal, and the province as a carrier of the “basic infrastructure construction and improvement” campaign. Further deepen the construction of technical protection, focus on sinking, move forward at the gateway, increase investment, lay a solid foundation, and continuously improve the level of comprehensive management of political and legal affairs and peace construction.

In his speech, Li Ya summarized the overall situation of video surveillance construction management in the province, fully affirmed the achievements made by Xiangyang City in video surveillance construction management, and pointed out problems and deficiencies in the construction and management of video surveillance in the province. The next step of the work puts forward requirements. First, it is necessary to raise awareness and comprehensively promote the construction and management of video surveillance. At present, the overall social situation in our province is generally stable, but public security problems still have many high incidences. The security situation is still severe and complicated. Vigorously advancing the construction of video surveillance systems has become a common consensus and strong desire of all walks of life and the general public. All relevant departments in various places must thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and actively adapt to the new changes and new tasks of the social security situation in accordance with the requirements of focusing on actual results and satisfying the people, and constantly explore new methods and ways to strengthen the construction of the public security prevention and control system. Provide strong support for the construction of safe Henan. Second, we must focus on accelerating the standardization of video surveillance. This year's video surveillance and construction work is to achieve "two clear": that is, clear goals and tasks, focus on this year's time, fight a video surveillance battle, basically complete the video surveillance system covering the province, initially formed a "unified "Network, centralized authorization, and hierarchical management" of the video surveillance system and management structure; clear work responsibilities, party committees and governments at all levels must bear overall responsibility, strengthen organizational leadership, and the main leaders are the first responsible persons. We must do a good job of the "five key links": expand coverage, focus on construction quality, achieve information networking, improve actual combat capabilities, and strengthen funding guarantees. Third, we must strengthen leadership and ensure that the “basic-level infrastructure construction and improvement” activities achieve practical results. The construction of video surveillance construction management involves all aspects, and the province needs to work together to promote cooperation. All localities and departments must cooperate closely and work together to overcome difficulties. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, work together, strictly supervise and create an atmosphere to ensure that the construction tasks are completed with quality and quantity on schedule, and make new and greater contributions to maintaining the overall social stability of the province and promoting the people to live and work in peace and contentment.

At the meeting, Chen Zhizhong, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, made specific arrangements for the construction and management of video surveillance in the province.

Before the meeting, the participants visited the Xiangyang City Emergency Response Command Center, the Qingfeng County Public Security Bureau, and the Mazhuangqiao Police Station of Qingfeng County. They inspected the construction and operation of the “monstars” video surveillance project in Puyang, and watched the introduction of Fuyang, Yongcheng and other eight cities, counties and districts in the construction of video surveillance construction management documentary.

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