Self-priming filter respiratory protection products limitations

Although self-absorption filter-type respiratory protection products protect the breathing safety of workers in some specific circumstances, due to certain limitations, there are still some negative effects on operations. Studies have shown that after wearing self-priming filter-type respiratory protective equipment, the operator's operation duration is shortened, the operation speed is slowed, the completed workload is reduced, and the human body's work tolerance is reduced. Where do self-absorption filter respiratory protection products cause these problems?

1. The external shape of the self-absorbing filter-type respiratory protective product mask occupies the visual field of the wearer, which narrows the visual field of the wearer and directly affects the wearer's operation.

2. After wearing self-priming filter-type respiratory protective equipment, the ventilation of the human body is limited, and the maximum oxygen consumption is reduced, which affects the extreme sports ability of the wearer. Especially in a sports or thermal environment, the heat discomfort caused by the self-absorbing filter-type respiratory protective article will increase the load of the human body and also reduce the human body's ability to operate. The maximum output power is 18%~34% when no respiratory protective equipment is worn.

3. Increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the inhaled gas will also affect the wearer’s operations. High concentrations of the dioxin center may cause discomfort and anxiety. Anxiety can affect the operation; carbon dioxide also has an effect of local vasodilation, and other exercise muscles have reduced blood supply due to shunting. Reduced athletic ability.

4, due to lack of oxygen, brain and other important organs and sensory organs function is affected, so as to affect perception, exercise coordination and memory, understanding, judgment, thinking and other intelligence. Oxygen concentration 16% (under standard state STP) will lead to faster heart rate and respiratory rate, increased breathing, affecting attention and operation ability; abnormal oxygenation, emotions below 14% (under standard state STP) Decline and loss of judgment; Oxygen concentration dropped to 10% (under standard STP), nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, inability to perform operations, and even death.

Tip: Self-priming filter respiratory protection products are only suitable for environments where the air concentration is not lower than 19.5%. Once the air concentration is lower than the specified value, they should be immediately replaced with isolated respiratory protection products or immediately evacuated to a safe area.

In order to improve the operating ability of the wearer of the self-absorbing filter-type respiratory protective article, it is necessary to reduce the influence of the respiratory protective article on the wearer's visual field from the aspect size. And by reducing respiratory resistance, reducing dead space, etc., to reduce self-absorption filter respiratory protection products on the body's respiratory system, cardiovascular system, body temperature regulation system and so on.

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