2016 top ten brand tap faucet heavy metal pollution in the inevitable

Faucet is the popular name of the water valve, used to control the size of the water flow switch, a water-saving effect. The replacement speed of the faucet is very fast. From the development of the old-style cast iron technology to the electroplating knob type, it has developed into a stainless steel single-temperature single-control faucet, a stainless steel dual-temperature dual-control faucet and a kitchen semiautomatic faucet. Nowadays, more and more consumers choose the faucets from the aspects of materials, functions, and modeling. Faucets are used to control the flow of water, and its quality affects the waste of water resources. Filtering taps from the faucet leaderboard brand is a great way for consumers to purchase taps. So, what is the situation for the Top Ten Faucet Leaderboards? The 2015 top ten brand faucet rankings (newest) have also become a concern for consumers. If you have this need, you may wish to follow me to learn about it!

2015 top 10 brand faucet leaderboards: Kohler

Kohler faucet not only looks elegant and has a variety of styles, but each piece is exquisitely crafted and made of the best materials, ensuring that the product is durable. Kohler faucet adds a touch of artistic beauty to your home life. Each Kohler faucet is equipped with different handles to meet your different tastes and needs.

2015 Top Ten Brand Taps: Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe was established in Germany in 1901 and entered the Chinese market in 1995. In the industry, the Hansgrohe faucet brand is a relatively old business. The company is a large multinational company, the brand is the world's top brand, companies, brands can be imagined.

2015 Top 10 Brand Taps: GROHE Grohe

The GROHE faucet brand, like Hansgrohe, is also a German brand. The company is also a relatively large-scale multinational company. Brand products have been exported to many countries and regions and are one of the top brands in the world.

2015 Top Ten Branded Faucet Leaderboards Four: Moen Moen

The Moen Faucet brand originated in the United States and was established in 1937. The Moen brand entered the Chinese market in 1994. The company is located in Shanghai, China. After several years of development, the company has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing, and its sales network has covered more than 180 cities in China.


2015 Top Ten Branded Faucet Leaderboards: Nine Animal Husbandry JOMOO

Nine animal husbandry taps made of non-ferrous metals through the precision casting of the leading body made of mechanical processing, grinding and polishing molding, surface chrome plating and other processing, the leading ceramic valve core is the main component, the plating of the leading body generally pass the neutral salt fog The test is used to ensure that there is no rust in the specified time limit and that the coating will not peel off during its lifetime.

2015 top ten brand faucet leaderboard six: unlimited bathroom

Guardian Unlimited is a sanitary brand focused on quality, headquartered in Shanghai, set up its own factory in Foshan. Products include toilets, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, bathroom hardware, showers, faucets, sinks and other full range of products, is the fastest growing bathroom brand.

2015 top ten brand faucet list seven: Zhuo Meiou

Zhuo Meiou focuses on materials selection and knows the qualities and qualities of different materials. Every year, designers will be sent to inspect the international market and introduce high-quality raw materials that can best show the characteristics of products from all over the world. The factory strictly adopts Italian MIR gravity casting technology to create one-piece molding, temperature control testing equipment, accurate and rigorous, and automatic injection molding machine guarantees 500,000. No leakage.

2015 Top Ten Faucet Leaderboards Eight: Eckwara

The Aikehualai faucet is a well-known faucet brand. It is widely praised by the public in China. It is a faucet brand that people trust on the market and imports high-quality raw materials that can show the characteristics of products from all over the world. .

2015 Top Ten Faucet Leaderboards List 9: Royal Style

The main position of sanitary ware is sanitary ware faucets, kitchen accessories, sinks, bathroom accessories and other hardware sanitary products, adhering to high-quality quality, adhere to unique personality, the pursuit of unlimited passion, determined to build a one-stop home purchase program.


2015 Top Ten Branded Faucet List Ten: Skien CAE

Shien Faucet is a Guangdong brand and a Chinese brand name. Shion Faucet Company is one of the largest scale sanitary base manufacturers in China, and it is undoubted that the company is strong in strength. Brand products are sold to international and domestic markets.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the 2015 top ten brand faucet leader faucet heavy metal pollution. In addition, the 2015 top ten brand faucet list includes: Goss Coso, HHSN glory, Kang Liyuan KLY, Jiumu Timo, China Arts Huayi, Zhongyu JOYOU, etc., can be included in the top ten brands of the top ten brand faucet tap brand 2014 brand is set to excel, consumers in the purchase of taps brand to filter is a good choice.

Tap faucet top ten brands

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