How much is the bathroom tile bathroom tile selection and color matching skills

Tiles are a very important part of bathroom waterproofing and they are also an important part of bathroom decoration. So, how much is the bathroom tile ? The choice of bathroom tiles is very important, especially to pay attention to the quality and non-slip issues, as well as the price. If the quality is not good, it will be prone to problems such as water leakage. If it is not slippery enough, it is easy to fall. Especially if you have elderly people and children in your home, you must choose a non-slip tile. Want to create a unique bathroom, then how to choose bathroom tiles with it? Tiles have a very important role in the modern bathroom decoration. How to choose the wrong bathroom tiles or poor paving will affect the overall use of the bathroom. Here I come to introduce you to the bathroom tile selection and matching skills and bathroom tile how much money for everyone to buy reference!

Bathroom tiles choose to match

1, tile water absorption. Bathroom tile selection should pay attention to its water absorption, high quality bathroom, if the tile water absorption is too low, the bathroom is easier to dry. Tiles do not indicate water absorption. You can pour some tea or water droplets on the back of the tile. After several minutes, observe the degree of diffusion of the water droplets. The less water absorption of the tiles, the lower the water absorption rate and the better the quality.

2, texture density. The quality requirements of the bathroom tiles on the tiles themselves are more stringent than those of other home spaces. When buying a bathroom tile, you can observe from the side whether the tile surface is flat or not, and whether there are uneven pinholes. At the same time you can tap the tile, listen to the sound is crisp, the sound is more crisp, indicating that the tile texture density is high, the hardness is better.

3, brick glazing degree. When buying a bathroom tile, you can identify the thickness of the glaze layer on the surface of the tile. Hard objects can be used to scrape the tile surface, and scratches indicate insufficient glazing. After polishing the thin glaze on the surface of the tile, the brick surface is easily contaminated, difficult to clean, and lacks security. Some unglazed tiles should not be laid in a damp and closed environment because the pores on the bricks cannot absorb moisture and cause mold to appear.

4, the national standard. Bathroom tile selection should pay attention to whether it indicates the sign or the text that meets the national green health standards, and remember not to buy three tiles. Bathroom tile is to accompany you for many years of home materials, do not try to buy small manufacturers to produce non-wear-resistant tiles in order to covet cheap, that kind of inferior tiles in less than a year its surface will become stained, cracked, Unsightly.

5, color. The color of bathroom tiles should first be selected according to the overall style of the bathroom, followed by the color that you like. For most small-sized homes today, bathroom tiles are usually light-colored and should not be black or dark. Light-colored tiles can reflect the line of sight from the light, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright. When selecting, tiles should be placed 0.8m away from each other to see if the color pattern of tiles is the same.

The principle of bathroom color matching is: dark and light colors, similar colors, similar colors, contrast colors; black, white, gold, silver, gray five kinds of promise and any color can be used; cold and warm colors, The relationship between cold and warm colors depends on contrast. It is produced by people's natural life experience, and the cool and warm colors match very well.


Bathroom tiles

1, edge band cross positioning frame. The use of these auxiliary materials has greatly improved the construction process of the inside corner and the outside corner of the pavement. It eliminates the need for 45-degree trimming of bathroom tiles, which saves man-hours and damage. The cross-positioning frame can increase the sewing accuracy of the floor tiles and simplify the construction process.

2, a variety of specifications of the combination of paving. The feature of this type of bathroom tile sticking method is that a plurality of tiles with different geometrical sizes are selected and put into groups according to a certain combination. Due to the combination of different combinations of tiles and combinations of tiles, the geometric lines of tiles are immediately changed, and changes in the order are vivid.

3, dry stick method. The use of tile adhesive pavement, it changed the wet practice of mortar cement, tiles do not need to be pre-soaked base surface does not need to wet. As long as the basic conditions of the pavement are good, the effect can be greatly improved. The adhesive effect of this method also surpasses the traditional mortar cement, and is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized construction bathroom tile installations with small working surfaces and unsatisfactory working environments.

4, wall pavement. The use of 45-degree oblique and vertical paving for the bathroom tile is combined to make the walls more monotonous and richer in geometric lines, which enhances the three-dimensional space and active atmosphere.

5, colorful caulking agent. It is not an ordinary color cement. It is usually used to leave the floor or wall of a paving pavement. It is characterized by strong color fixing, wear-resisting, non-alkaline, non-shrinkage and non-powdering. It not only changes the ceramic tile. The gap is easy to fall off, adhesion is not fixed problems, and make the gap color and tile matching appear to harmonize with each other.

6, floor tiles from a variety of colors randomly combined. This is the trend of the latest paving of Spanish tiles. It is a random combination of tiles with different glaze colors. The visual effects are very different and imaginable. This is a challenge to our traditional “symmetry and unity” aesthetic.

7, leaving the paving. The bathroom tiles that are now popular in the market are antique tiles, which emphasize the return of history. The antique floor tiles are glazed and uneven, and the straight edges are also corroded. For the paving, necessary gaps are added to fill it with colored cement, so that the overall paving effect uniformly emphasizes the dignified sense of history.


How much is the bathroom tile

Product model price

Nobel bathroom beauty series ceramic tile WF75408 ¥120.38

Nobel bathroom beauty series ceramic tile WF26002 ¥52.29

Dongpeng LN63307 Impervious Bathroom Tiles¥17.9

Dongpeng Dancing Flower Glazed Tile LN45801H01 ¥58.08

Hudson Blue Lattice Bathroom Tiles¥39.6

Dong Peng Butterfly Glazed Tile LN27801Z41 ¥53.6

Large gray matte bathroom non-slip floor tiles ¥12.38

Luolan blue lattice bathroom floor tile ¥ 38.1

Santa Malas Bathroom Tiles ¥78.01

Dongpeng Aegean Sea LN45257 Bathroom Wall Tiles¥19.9

Coral Sea CPT36 black bathroom tile ¥ 27.8

Green Orange Tile Roman Palace 600x300 Inner Wall ¥ 16.82

Marco Polo CH5352 bathroom tile ¥ 51.66

Marco Polo CZ6218S Bathroom Tiles ¥ 42.48

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is related to the bathroom tile selection skills with how much the bathroom tiles are. After the toilet construction is completed, all the water in the bathroom is blocked, and a 25 cm high “can” is built in the doorway, and then in the bathroom. Pour 20 centimeters of water. After 24 hours, you can check whether there is any leakage around the wall and the ground. For more information, please continue to follow our website.

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