Latest Permeable Brick Price Quotes Permeable Floor is the Best Choice for Urban Pavement Construction

Permeable bricks, the foundation of permeable bricks originated in the Netherlands, in the process of the Dutch building the city around the sea, found that the ground after the row of sea water will cause continuous land subsidence due to long-term exposure to water. Once the levees on the coastline are washed away, the seawater will quickly rush to submerge all the coastal cities in cities much lower than the sea level. In order to make the ground no longer sink, the Dutch made a small pavement brick of 100 mm in width and 200 mm in height of 50 or 60 mm high to be laid on the street surface, leaving a 2 mm gap between the brick and the brick. In this way, rain will seep into the ground from the cracks between bricks. This is the famous Dutch brick. The use of pervious bricks can play an extremely important role in the treatment of water stains during the rainy season. Permeable bricks play an irreplaceable role in solving urban surface hardening and creating high-quality and high-quality natural environments. Permeable bricks are used to maintain urban ecological balance. Environmental protection building materials new products. How about the price of permeable bricks ? What are the specifications of permeable bricks? Here we will make a specific introduction to the price and specifications of permeable bricks .

Permeable brick introduction

The most common pervious bricks on the market are made by compressing concrete with rubble. In addition, there are many materials for permeable bricks, which can be divided into: polymer fiber concrete permeable bricks, colored stone composite concrete permeable bricks, color stone epoxy permeable bricks and concrete permeable bricks.

Nowadays, there are also sidewalk ecological permeable bricks, which have the functions of stagnant rainwater, rainwater conservation, water permeability, dust reduction and noise reduction, and greatly increase the comfort of urban living. In rain and snow, they can infiltrate the water on the brick surface in time. Underground, ease the pressure of rain discharge from municipal facilities; when air is dry, it is conducive to volatilization of groundwater, regulate surface temperature and humidity, and eliminate urban heat island phenomenon.

Permeable bricks, for most people, only know that it has good water permeability, but it is because of this performance, it has also brought great help to the city, for example, can improve the growth conditions of ground plants, can be certain The degree of adjustment of the urban climate, and the pervious brick itself has a non-slip effect, but also effectively reduce the bicycle noise.

Permeable brick advantage

Before understanding the price of pervious bricks, let’s get to know what are the advantages of pervious bricks. Permeable bricks have good water permeability and air permeability when used. Rainwater can quickly seep into the ground and provide timely replenishment of soil water and groundwater. Soil moisture improves the living conditions of urban land plants and soil microorganisms. The use of pervious bricks can play a major role in regulating the temperature and humidity of the local space on the surface, as well as in the urban microclimate and in mitigating the urban heat island effect. Permeable bricks can, to a certain extent, reduce the pressure of urban drainage and flood control. The surface of the permeable brick has a lot of tiny bumps, which can effectively prevent the road from reflecting light, absorb the noise generated during the driving of the vehicle, and improve the comfort and safety of the vehicle. Because the permeable brick requires different functions, the price of the permeable brick is different.

Permeable bricks use

Permeable bricks have a strong water absorption function during use, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of surface hardening in cities and maintain the urban ecological balance. Due to the different scope and function of permeable bricks, there are also some differences in the price of permeable bricks. The price of permeable bricks is relatively common. The price of fused bricks is 2.5 yuan per block, which is more commonly used in parks, roads, squares and other places. . Cement color brick price is: 1.1 yuan / block, more is a glazed cement color brick, used for roads, sidewalks, gardens, squares and other places. Taoshan stone price is: 23 yuan / block, pervious brick clay material prices are more expensive, more in the style of Fangzheng appearance, the surface is clean, in the construction of the garden is used in large quantities, with strong ornamental.


Permeable brick type

The above is a detailed description of the price of permeable bricks by Xiao Bian. Let's take a look at the different types of permeable bricks. Since the types of permeable bricks are different, the price of permeable bricks is also different. The common types of permeable bricks are: ordinary permeable Bricks, polymer fiber concrete permeable bricks, color stone composite concrete permeable bricks, color stone epoxy pervious bricks, concrete permeable bricks, raw sand base permeable bricks and many other types, in the choice of pervious bricks can be appropriate according to actual needs Select, this can effectively play the actual function of permeable bricks.

Permeable brick color

Due to the continuous advancement of process technology, there are a wide variety of permeable brick styles available on the market, and the available options are wider. Adding different color materials according to needs during the production of pervious bricks can greatly change the color of the permeable bricks. The different colors of bricks have an impact on the price of permeable bricks. The colors of permeable bricks that are common in daily life are: red, gray, yellow, green, brown, black, brown, brown, and blue. The price of permeable bricks is generally calculated in square meters, and the price of permeable bricks is between 75-120 yuan per square meter. Because of the different regions and the differences in quality grades of pervious bricks, there is a huge difference in the price of pervious bricks. The most important determinant of the price of pervious bricks is the rate of permeability.

Permeable brick specifications

Due to the large number of permeable bricks used in our daily life, many permeable bricks are available. There are 200mm*100mm*60mm, 230mm*115mm*60mm, 400mm*200mm*50mm and 400mm*400mm*50mm permeable bricks on the market. 300mm*300mm*50mm, 300mm*150mm*50mm, 200mm*200mm*50mm, 240mm*120mm*50mm, 200mm*100mm*50mm and so on. Of course, if there are specific needs in the use of permeable bricks, it can also be customized. The price of permeable bricks is much lower than that of ceramic tiles. Under normal circumstances, the price of permeable bricks is around 20-40 yuan per square meter, which is determined by the price of the local market.


Permeable brick price

The price of permeable bricks is very low and low compared to ceramic tiles. In general, the larger the price of permeable bricks is, the higher the price is. In general, the price of permeable bricks is between 20 and 40 yuan. About a square meter, this mainly depends on the local market.

Sintered brick price: 2.5 yuan/block

There are special permeable bricks for roads, parks and squares. Shale sinter bricks have higher strength and surface uniformity than ordinary sinter bricks.

Cement color brick price: 1.1 yuan / block

Glazed cement tiles, sidewalks, roads, gardens and plazas.

Tao side stone price: 23 yuan / block

Terracotta materials, appearance, brick surface clean, in the construction of a large number of garden use, ornamental.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

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